Friday, June 3, 2011

On a completely different note...

Yesterday as I drove home from the gym, I hit some traffic. Not a complete standstill, but a thick, slow moving section. It was rush hour on a four lane semi-highway leaving the city, and though I'd never experienced this particular traffic before, it certainly made sense.

I just kind of grumbled and kept on. Then I turned a corner and saw police lights.

Great, I thought, another fender bender on the highway.

And right after an on ramp no less.

I kept on going at a snails pace until I was finally squeezing my little Camry past the police cars. I was groaning about how they were taking up two lanes when I couldn't even see a car in front of them.

And then I glanced over, just as we passed them.

One motorcycle down. In a huge puddle of blood.

I almost crashed my car.

I pass accidents, typically fender benders, just about every day in this city, sometimes several times a day depending on the weather, and I always feel bad for the people. The potential injuries, the expense, the time lost, having everyone stop to watch you, etc.

But this really, really struck me.

All I could think is "here I am, sitting in my car listening to a song I like, glancing back at my two happy kids who are talking to each other, and my biggest worry is whether or not I'll get home in time to start dinner when I want to. And somewhere, probably at a local hospital, the owner of this motorcycle is having the worst day of his life. Maybe even the last day of his life...."

I can't find anything on the local news about it, but I'm really hoping that this person survived and is okay.

It's amazing, isn't it? How quickly it can all happen. One wrong turn, one person texting while changing lanes, one slip up, one accident... and it can literally just all end for you or someone you love.

I kept the kids up a little later last night, playing on our bed, hiding under covers, playing peekaboo and wrestling. All four of us, laughing and loving together.

And even in the wonder of that moment I couldn't help but think... "please, please, don't let this end... don't let this be the last time.... If not forever, then at least another day."

Gotta savor it. Every second of it. Always.

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