Monday, June 13, 2011


We're *still* waiting for test results from the fertility clinic regarding Nik. So far we've heard nothing, there's nothing on our patient sites, nada, zilch. So we still have no clue regarding what we're dealing with on his side and thus no idea where to start. We do know that what was wrong could have corrected itself over the past several years, given that his diet and exercise regimen has drastically changed for the better. But we still don't know. Which is annoying.

And as for my side....

So I have several things to tackle, right?

But the big goal is: Begin ovulating again!!!!

And so I've cut out or cut down on the big 3 that could be causing annovulation:
Melatonin- Totally out now
Coffee- Maybe one cup a week now
Domperidone- down to 20mg/day from 120mg/day (enough to keep my toddler nursing a few times a day)

On top of lowering or ousting those, I've also added:
-Red Raspberry Leaf (both tea and pill, take one if I don't have time for the other)
-Woman's Moon Tea (soooo yummy!)
-Lot's of Yoga and stretching of the hip/midsection area

I've started to prepare for this, remembering to take and chart my (erratic) temp just about every morning and taking extra folic acid.

So anyway, this last week I had a rather pleasant and totally TMI surprise: CM. Anyone who's done the TTC and/or infertility shtick knows what that is :) I haven't seen it in yeeeeears! And it was the good stuff too! Nik and I were both astounded.

But my ovulation tests kept coming up negative and my basal temp chart was all over the place. I was getting aches, much stronger than twinges, and it felt like my cycle was starting for a few days. But nothing.

Today, I finally broke down and tested.

Yeah, that kind of test.

And the result?

No, there's no need to squint. Believe me, I did enough of that. It's a straight up negative, which is both sad and yet a relief at the same time. I mean, hey, I can stop worrying that I *might be* for awhile, right? And actually it is pretty nice not to have that thought dangling at the back of your head.

After checking this in the window (better light) and snapping a quick photo, I returned to the bathroom to clean up.

And pick up that danged ovulation test that I'd also stuck in the pee cup, because why not?

I almost didn't check it, just tossed it like all the others.


Holy crap! It's actually positive! I mean, really, honest to God, "lines are the same shade just about" kind of positive.

I have NEVER had an OPK this dark! Not even years ago when we were TTC, before the adoption journey and all that. I'm a faint, barely there line kind of girl. And these same tests have been giving me nothing at all, just the control line and a total blank for the test slot.

So, um... wow. Goal reached then? I'm actually ovulating? I'm actually flipping fertile??? Wow....



So, uh, I guess this marks the start of our TTC journey :)


manymanymoons said...

I am honestly beaming for you. I know it feels so frustrating to be on the bench and I'm so so happy that you are now officially in the game (not sure where these baseball references are coming from but I'm just going to go with it). Congrats!!

mama said...

shouting for joy and hopeing this will be the start of a great journey.