Thursday, June 16, 2011


Got test results on Nik back yesterday and, somewhat unexpectedly, they're actually worse than his first semenalysis years ago, the one that "defined" us as infertile. THOUGH, they're better than the three other tests we've had between then and now. Since his diet and exercise regimen has changed significantly from then, it's pretty obvious that this isn't something to be solved that way.

And today it was confirmed that he does indeed have a "small" varicocele, though the doctor doesn't think that repairing it will do any good at all. I may push for a second (third?) opinion on that matter because, really, what can it hurt to do the outpatient procedure to fix it?

On another note, I've been spending too much money lately. Since pretty much giving up on adoption #3, we were left staring at a hefty "adoption fund" that we decided we ought to go and use instead of hoarding. And so right now there are two very nice men finishing up our new back walkway, and tomorrow they'll continue working on our new deck. Maybe by the end of next week all the work will be completed and we'll have new doors, fixed gutters, a power washed house, new light fixtures in the kitchen and foyer, and power running outside. Everything that's being replaced was run down, broken, or even outright dilapidated. I mean, seriously, we've been using a stick to "lock" our back sliding doors for over a year now because the doors are so old that we can't even find a replacement lock for the one that brook, and the scratched up front door has no seal (lets in a lot of light around the edges, upwards of half an inch in some places. With no storm door. Yay bugs! Yay wasting power!

Anywho, aside from the home improvement, there's been Nik's BDay, where he bought "an art," then Father's Day, then our once monthly night date, then in a couple weeks my birthday, and yeah, money is going out. And I'm totally getting into this whole "spend more on food for better health" thing and I so feel better! But seeing my weekly grocery bill reach, then expand upon, the triple digits makes me cringe. What can I say, I'm a saver and a planner, not really a spender, and I always feel so guilty when I run my card! I mean, yeesh, I spent a whole $8 on snacks and drinks earlier today for me and the boys and I felt guilty for that! And we were hot and hungry too! I'm a nut sometimes :-P

Alright, this is a jumbled post. Sorry. Just trying to distract from that dang 2WW thingie that I guess we're getting back into. It's not really so exciting now, having the results in. We were totally expecting things to look much better! Ugh. But I guess there is still a possibility....

And I guess we can try naturally for awhile, and just see if it works. Go to a chiropractor and acupuncturist, take royal jelly and lots of zinc, maybe even go in for another consult at a different clinic. And if all else fails... well, I hear the "fertility tours" in India aren't all that expensive, and I have always wanted to visit :)

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