Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sweet P

He wasn't happy last night. He's been "in a mood" ever since preschool let out, maybe even before. He's very vocal and he'll outright say "I'm not happy and I don't want to be happy and I'm not going to let you be happy." At least he's honest...

We went on our big late night family date last night, and while much of it was fun, there was a long period of "I'm going to sabotage tonight" kind of behavior. It was frustrating to say the least. At least we did have many wonderful moments and by the end, just like every other time, he was having a blast and we were all sad to see the night end.

We got home at 10:30, a whopping 3 hours past their bedtime, and they were asleep by 11. And up around 6:20.

The little one was happy and chipper, but P? Oh no, not him. He was impulsive and upset and grumpy and whining and complaining and then hyper and completely ignoring us, etc. Yeah, sleep deprivation, I know, totally there too.

When he got into a spell (not uncommon for him) of listing off all the things he wants and doesn't have, I looked up the Veggie Tales episode of Madame Blueberry on Netflix and showed it to him. He watched the whole way through and afterward we tried to talk to him about being grateful for what he does have instead of complaining about what he doesn't. I had him stand up and look around the room and list off the things he sees that he's happy to have and is thankful for. He couldn't list a single thing. Not the TV or computer or toys or books or DVDs or anything. "But I want blahblahblah and I want blabeblu and I want..." Yeah, frustrating morning.

He also has this whole "Oh, poor me!" thing. I mean, literally, he says that. "I want Mario Kart... Oh, poor me! Poor Paxton!" Yeeeeah.....

So this morning I was tired. And I got up super early and didn't get my breakfast or anything, just cared for small over tired children. Finally when Nik said he'd take them both this morning I was done. I plopped myself down in bed and just sort of collapsed in on myself.

I heard P come in the room while Nik was getting Ambrose dressed. He walked in and instantly started whining. "Moooom, why are you in bed? Why are you laying down?"

Ugh. I literally could not speak I was so tired. All I could think was "please stop the noise and let me rest!"

And he did.

I thought he'd left for a second when suddenly I felt it. A small kiss on my shoulder, the only place he could reach without climbing on the bed.

"Good night mommy," he whispered softly, then exited the room very quietly.

To say it melted my heart is an understatement! I know it wasn't some big, overwhelming moment of pure bliss or anything like that, but a sweet, simple gesture, totally unprompted? Yeah, I needed that!

And so they're off now at the kid's museum and I'm left to just sit on my butt and figure out how to waste my morning. I think with grocery shopping. I would have gone to the doctor's office to see about treatment for a molluscum that's become infected, buuuut they're close until Tuesday and it's not really bothering me enough to go to Urgent Care. And so I guess now it's time to stop dilly dallying and deal with my shopping list. Mmmmm, Whole Foods, the land of the yummy bakery food.... perhaps a scone today? Or a muffin? I love grocery shopping!

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manymanymoons said...

That little kiss story brought tears to my eyes. Sounds like you are getting a much needed break!