Monday, August 29, 2011

Transition Week

Today: Ambrose's first (half) day of preschool, from 9-10:30. I was there for half an hour.
Tomorrow: The last day of our Summer Trio, just mama and her boys. Oh, sure, we'll have weekends where we'll let Nik sleep in, and holidays, and "sick" days (my boys are rarely sick!) but this is the last official day of summer fun!
Wednesday: Ambrose's first full morning of school, 9am-1pm. Just me and Paxton that morning!
Wednesday afternoon: Kindy open house, find out his teacher and class, meet his classmates.
Thursday: P's first day of Kindergarten, all day.

Next Monday is Labor Day so no school, so we won't be starting our "normal schedule" until Tuesday. Weds I'll have them both in school, which is awesome because I have a dentist appt then and being able to go to the dentist without having my mother or husband meet me there, an listening to the kids play/laugh/scream/bicker in the next room, just sounds dreeeeamy!

If everything is going smoothly in a couple of weeks, and neither boy seems to need any extra attention, I'll probably see if I can help out in P's school's media center maybe every Wednesday morning. I'm such a dork, I've actually been looking forward to doing that since my mom used to help out when I was in middle school!

I'm beyond being sad and to the point of being soooo excited about this year! Paxton cannot wait to return to his school, and we'll be lucky no matter which teacher we get! Ambrose is the same, he loved his class and already learned the names of the classmates he was with today. I'm just so excited for them, and kind of excited to see how this new schedule treats us. P won't be taking a nap most days, A will be on an odd schedule for awhile, and I'll have only one (the one I can't hold full conversations with) 3 mornings a week. Pretty soon the library storytime will start back up, and the community center beside it will be open for "tot time" in the mornings again. The weather is starting to get cooler, gas prices are going down a bit, we have two birthdays coming up, with 3 major holidays coming up around that same time (4 if you count New Year's!). Oh, and our anniversary, which happens to fall on both our 10 year HS reunions 8-O . Not sure what we're doing about that yet....

Okay, so, just need to get through this week... I can't wait to be back in the swing of things! Ah, we're going to have soooo much fun!

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