Friday, August 26, 2011


Oh, yesterday was exHAUSting!

Okay, so in the morning I packed a lunch as well as $2 to buy lunch, just in case, and we all got ready and walked to school together. P was super psyched and it was actually a very fun walk and talk. We found that they're apparently testing 15 or so kids a day for 5 days, then deciding their classes at the end of that. Paxton was lucky (?) and somehow got to be in the first day, and all 5 teachers were there to spend time with the kids. Some were sad, some were super happy, and some were really quiet and shy. Okay, correction, one was super happy. My kid. Yeah, Paxton followed the TA to the classroom smiling and dancing the whole time.

So we left him there, and it did sting a little but everyone was so welcoming and happy and knowing that there were 5 teachers, 5 TAs, and a couple other adults with a grand total of 16 kids made me feel pretty confident that P would be attended to :)

So we got home and Nik left for work while I headed out to the Dr to drop off A's preschool medical release form. Then home to pick up a bag I left by the door, then out again for a playdate where I stayed a couple hours (and looked at my phone a bunch, just in case the school called me), then home briefly for lunch. I decided I didn't feel like lunch as A and I had eaten so many yummy snacks at the playdate. So I got some gas and had my oil changed for way too much money, but at least Jiffy Lube made my care pretty clean and topped off my AC fluid.

Then I went home, got Ambrose in his stroller, and headed off for the school. I was early and Ambrose was bobbing so I walked a little further to put him to sleep, then walked back to pick P up.

I was half expecting to find him crying or angry or in trouble or, well, something bad.

But there he was, sitting calmly and waiting for me. He did look a little sad until he saw me, but then his face lit up as he cried out, "Mommy!!!"

One of the teachers told me how sweet he was, that he's flirted with her, and that she was trying to "steal" him for her class. As we were walking out another teacher leaned in and told me that they were fighting over him, that they all wanted him in their classes. Turns out my little boy turned up the charm a million fold and was perfectly good all day! I am totally cool with this :) I also much acknowledge that they probably say these things to tons of parents, but even so it felt good!

P was in good spirits, only having one moment of "no, I want to stay at school!" but otherwise he was great on the walk home, though I sweated buckets!

After we got home and cooled off, I took the boys back to the doctor (20 minutes one way) to pick up A's medical form, then came home. I was going to head to the gym for Pilates but I just couldn't motivate myself! Instead I put away dishes and laundry, and made dinner from scratch :)

At 6:30, when the boys were fed and close to conking out, I grabbed my bag of snack foods and took off. It was time for Ambrose's Parent Orientation at his preschool :) It was a fun night, though to say I was a bit tired and spacey by then would be an understatement!!!

I got home around 9 and ended up asleep pretty early, which means before midnight. This morning we all woke around 7am, a good time for the boys. When I went to Paxton's room I discovered a surprise: his overnight diaper was bone dry! I asked him about it and he was just so happy and proud of himself!

I'd been telling him for awhile now that if we could be done with buying his overnight diapers then we'd have extra money for things like ice cream. So of course when I hold up the clean diaper he cried out, "I want an ice cream cone!!! Oh, oh, with ICE CREAM on top of the ice cream cone! I want an ice cream cone WITH ice cream!!!" Haha!

And just when I thought I couldn't be any prouder of my little Kindergartener, I find that Ambrose wants a popsicle, so Paxton happily gave up going out for ice cream in order to get a popsicle and share it with Ambrose outside, just to share his joy with his baby brother.


Sometimes that kid blows me away :)

And, oh, hey, there's a hurricane coming.... here's hoping my boys do well during a Target shopping trip. Ditz that I am, I finally realized that we may in fact lose power like we seem to do every time it rains. And we still only have one flashlight and one candle. Sooo, my fun plans for this afternoon is to tackle Tar-jhay with two exuberant small children. Woohoo!


Willow said...

Yay for such a good day at school! My son's preschool teachers always said they were fighting over whose class he got to be in, and I totally think its true and that they don't say it to everyone :) It's just that no one can resist our boy's charms, right?!

Sarah said...

Yay! So glad it was a good day!