Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today is the day!

Today, for the first time EVER, they're both in school!

P left with Nik before I even got out of bed, and A slept late giving me time to shower and make breakfast.


Then I got A's lunch and diaper bag ready and dropped his little butt off at his school!


Four hours! Four blissful hours all to myself! Four wonderful, amazing, relaxing hours!


So what have I been doing?

Have I spent my morning at a coffee shop curled up with a book?


Did I get my brows waxed and hair trimmed like I'd planned?


Did I go shopping for clothes, or the new shoes I "desperately" need?


I.... sat on my butt.... staring at the computer...


Okay, so that's not all.

I mean, I was able to vacuum all of upstairs, which is rare, and I have laundry going. I cleaned the chicken coop and spent an hour or so on the floor going through the Scholastic fliers I'm in charge of for P's preschool, picking out the best 4 out of 8 or so titles, pulling the fliers out, and making the little stacks.

And I ate hummus. That's always a plus, right?

But really, I didn't do much, not necessarily because there's nothing to do but because, I mean... what do I DO without a child attached to me?

I mean, seriously, I've been knee deep in this 24/7 mom thing for like almost 4 years now. Yeah, I get to head out to a friends house alone a few times a month, and yeah I often have Saturday mornings all to myself to do the grocery shopping (and more laundry), but 4 hours twice a week? During the day? All to myself?

I'm seriously at a loss. I know there's stuff to do, I could even make a list, but even so... it just feels so weird.

I guess just like them figuring out the complexities of being at school without me, I'm going to have to figure out the complexities of being at home (or preferably out) without them.

It's odd.

I get lonely, and while I used to get lonely with only a child to talk to, now I'm perfectly happy to sit and speak one on one with one of my boys. I love their company, and it's hard to be away from them just for the reason that they've been my sole, consistent company for so long.

And I guess that's why this is good for us.

They are making friends and when I pick them up they run to me, bright eyed and ecstatic, happy to come home to the safety and security they need while still happy that they get to go back to a land of fun and learning very soon after.

And that's why I enjoy going to the gym by myself isn't it? So I experience the same thing? Even if they're right upstairs in the nursery?

This will take some adjusting, and some planning. And I'm sure pretty soon I'll have a full agenda for my mornings off, which will be fun and hectic and wonderful.

But for now... well, it's almost time to pick up my little one, and I have to admit I'm a bit excited :) Even if it does mean that I get to go right into dealing with naptime!

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Sarah said...

Wow- 4 hours, no kids! That is a rarity. I hope you had a great day.