Monday, October 31, 2011

Motherhood in Pictures

I suppose I could take snapshots all throughout the day. Images of all of us grumping around in our jammies trying not to walk into walls while bustling about to change diapers and cook breakfast and load backpacks and diaper bags and laptop bags.

I suppose I could show endless piles of laundry, cleaning the table, setting the table, cooking a meal, cleaning up from the meal, dishes piled in the sink while the dishwasher works on the previous load we'd forgotten to start...

I could show time outs and being stuck in traffic on the way to pick up and child from preschool or realizing I forgot coats at home when little boys start to shiver. I could show mini arguments, temper tantrums, and the whole hullabaloo of trying to get two small children down to sleep in two separate rooms, sometimes by myself, when both just want to cuddle and play.

But you know what? All these things, these normal parenthood, totally highlighted by every sitcom and mommy blog things? They're just a part of life. Like breathing and getting gas and keeping the lawn mowed. They're the regular, the mundane, the whatever, and even then? Even then it's not too hard to see the magic in those regular moments.

That first cuddle of the day. The brothers sharing their breakfast then running off to laugh and play. The smiles and hugs. The laughter. It's all throughout these moments. So the bad isn't so bad, and is in fact actually pretty wonderful.

And the good? Is incredible.

Presenting, in no real order, some recent random snapshots of my own experience in motherhood.

A moment of silence and rumination in the middle of a busy day.

The unceremonious death of a pumpkin, first mysteriously smashed and then entertainingly mauled by a group of scavenging chickens.

A ham for the camera, with a new mask.

A mummy and his mommy go on a date to the kid's museum Halloween party.

A visit to somewhere we've been countless times lends to a surprising discovery: a lovely little snack nook that we had never noticed before.

Laughter that lasts so long I have time to take a picture.

Helping my mother recover from surgery by entertaining her dog and giving her cuddles.

Anything can be a hat.

Sharing is caring, even if you are only distracting your baby brother with a brightly covered object so you can snatch, and hide, all the Skittles with your other hand.

You know it's one of my boys when he runs away and hides.... just so he can "read" a book.

Entertaining themselves during the wait before Trick or Treating at the nursing home.

And now the little on is up, so I'm done. Time to change a diaper, put away a couple loads of laundry, start dinner, clean the chicken coop, and run the dishes :)

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manymanymoons said...

I seriously cannot stand the cuteness. That picture where he's reading and looking up at you smiling with that little face is just too much. I love an image like that because I always think the smile is a reflection on whoever is taking the picture because you know that's who that look was intended for. These two little boys are just too much!