Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Funny boys

They just keep growing and growing, don't they?

Paxton is totally, completely, definitively a different child than he was last summer.

While his logic is that of a small child, his words are far closer to those of an adult. He's verbose, that's for sure! You can have long, heavy, and complicated conversations with him. Sometimes he follows along and absorbs things shockingly fast. Other times...

"... well, some believe that Jesus is actually God as well."*

"Oh! Like how Anakin is also Darth Vader!"

Yeah, fun, make you spit out your water type conversations :-)

Also? Apparently vomit is typically orange and it's not scary or fun, just fascinating, to watch people throw up in class. And boogers taste like cheese. Yeah...

Yesterday my big boy totally got me.

"So P, how was your day?"
"... I... I'm sorry mom, I had a red day!"
"What? A red day? I... did your teacher try to call me?"
"Let me see your folder, he would've written something in there"
(open his bookbag and take out his daily folder... and there's green colored in for his day)
"Oh, silly P! Haha, I guess it's so red it looks green!"
"Hmmm, what should we do about you having a day that was sooooo bad that you got the "good" color for the day?"
"Mom, stoppit! Stop laughing at me! I really had a red day!"
"What? Oh, honey, but it says--"
"I used the wrong color, okay? I was afraid you'd be mad at me so I colored it in green!"
"I... what? Honey, did you really do that?"
"But... you really had a red day?"
"How? What happened?"
"I hit S...."
"You HIT your friend? You really hit S????"
"... HAHAHA! Got you mom!!!"
"I triiiiiicked you! I had a great day. And I ate ice cream with lunch!"
"I am so calling your teacher about this."

So I didn't call his teacher, but the threat is there to never do that again and to be honest with me. This kid is petrified of me "telling on him" to his teacher if he misbehaves! Honestly, I have to admit, I was more impressed than anything with P's performance. Yeesh, what skill this child has! But one must use such gifts for good, neh? So no more lying to mom. Seriously, mom holds grudges :-P

And as for the little bean, it's somewhat bizarre the things I hear coming out of his mouth now. The full sentences, the inflections, the emotion.

If a song comes on the radio it's either, "Oo, I LIKE this!" or "I don't like that, change!"

When it's time to cross a road I often pick him up if he won't hold my hand. Now I get, "No, let me walk! I love to walk! Put me down!"

P couldn't put 2 words together until right around his 3rd birthday, and here I am with a 2 year old speaking sentences... it's certainly far easier and we stem off a lot of tantrums as he's able to communicate his desires and we can either meet those demands or communicate back, in words he understands, why we can't meet those needs. I mean, seriously, we can't go to the airport every time we leave the house and it's just killing this little guy, but at least we know what he wants and can let him know that we will go there again, just not at the moment.

In some ways, though, I think the cutest/most wonderful thing going on with them right now is watching the little one mimic his big brother. Crossing his arms and saying "hmph!" when he doesn't get his way, demanding to have the same foods and everything just the same, stealing his books and toys and tryign to read or play with them the same, and all of the cute mannerisms too. So sweet :)

The grow so fast, too fast, and it's... it's this bizarre, crazy, wonderful journey. I am so, so lucky to have these children. Too lucky. :-)

* I don't like to get into politics or religion, especially as I have friends/family that walk all different areas of these realms, but let's just say we fit right in at our Progressive Christian church, and we tilt a bit left :)

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