Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting Back Into It

So towards the end of the year I kind of fall into the same ole trap that a lot of people do: I get swept away with Holidays and visits and parties and activities, both mine and the kids, and even when I'm not occupied with such things, I fall into the trap of just lazing about. It's a vacation time, you know? Who needs a clean house? Who needs to cook fresh meals? Who needs to work out? Who needs to run errands? Just focus on wrapping those gifts, baking those cookies, and taking long videos and loads of pictures to remember this Holiday season.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. We all need a break sometimes, don't we?

But anyone who knows me knows that I'm a slacker, a ditz, a layabout :-P Really, there was a time years ago when I secretly hoped that I could be in some awful car accident that would ruin my spine so I could spend the rest of my life sitting down and having people wait on me. Seemed great. Lucky permanently injured people. I'm not so bad anymore, but I do sit on my bum and stare at a screen far more than I should, and I really can't pass up a good celebration. I don't typically drink at all, and if I do we're talking like one glass of wine with a long meal, but I looooove good laughs and conversation and visits and traveling and eating sweets and having a good time. I'm of the 'eat, drink and be merry' variety, as is a lot of my family, and any excuse for a celebration is good enough for me. Heck, for awhile there we used to celebrate Thursdays. I dunno, it just seemed like such a depressing day, everyone always wishing it was Friday, so we figured Thursday was our 'go out and do something' day. Worked for us!

Okay, so after that ramble...

The Holidays were great. The kids were a blast, nothing but Hallmark style laughter, smiles, and joy. Seriously, I don't know how that happened, but they were wonderful and happy, they did really well with all the different schedule changes, who was in the house and who wasn't, who we were visiting, what time we were eating, differing bedtimes, etc. They even both had a sleepover, P at MIL's house and A at my parent's house, and they were great and had fun. Nik and I got a nice date on New Years, just sushi and walking around downtown, doesn't take much for us :) So all in all, the Holidays were fun, pretty uneventful, successful, etc.

And now... to get back into it.

Which is going okay-ish.

I'm back to the gym and *trying* to start eating better again. I really need to get back into Pilates and probably get the chocolate out of this house in a way other than eating it.

Nik's getting back into running again and he's going at it full force. His huge deadline at work is looming in front of him and he's working a lot during his time at home too.

Ambrose, who cut out naps, is now passing out right before lunch time which is a fine time to do so but even so he doesn't sleep that long because the poor babe is so hungry. He was so happy to go back to school.

P too is happy to be in school and see his friends, buuuut...

P was shocked that he wasn't out of school at Winter, like he thought. He's really struggling internally with some things. Before break he was told that the Polar Express would be coming to the school and I had to let him down on that. Then he asked his teacher and was told that the Polar Express WAS real and that it would come for him. Ummmm... what? So now my kid is sad that it didn't come for him, or that he missed it, and others obviously got to go, and yes of course it's real because his teacher said so! I'm all about keeping the spirit alive and all, but my kid is so literal and this really hurts his heart... Then there were his other expectations. Winter was supposed to bring snow which would let him throw snowballs. He's been talking about this for months, throwing snowballs with his friends. He was counting down to winter. Winter came. There are no snowballs. Seriously, he's come into our room in the mornings crying a couple times over the fact that there's still no snow. He was going to throw snowballs with his friends, and it's bad enough he's in school when he thought Winter Break lasted all winter, but now there's no snowballs. And on top of that, this dumb yo-yo show came through a month ago with the sole purpose of selling the kids yo-yos. Several kids got them, but I told P that if he wanted one that badly he could wait until Christmas as he'd just received tons of gifts for his birthday. He did, patiently, even with his friends bringing yo-yos into school and showing off tricks. He got his yo-yo Christmas day, was soooo happy, practiced his tricks, brought the yo-yo in yesterday and... wasn't allowed to play with it in school. Apparently there had been fights over the yo-yos with the other kids and I didn't know about that. I respect the teacher's decision, and P was very respectful and listened even though I could tell it was just killing him. He ended up losing his yo-yo yesterday after being disrespectful to me. It was supposed to be just for a minute but the resulting meltdown, brought on by so much disappointment all culminating at that moment... yeeeeaaaah. That stunk. At least it was followed by 12+hours of sleep for him, and lots of cuddles.

I'm pretty sure that it will take a few more weeks for us all to be totally back into this. And really, we didn't get as far *out* of it as I had thought. The kids held it together so well for so long and I'm really proud of them, something I'm trying to say a lot to help P really believe it (because it's true!). And going to the gym is proving to be nicer than I remembered, though I really need to push myself to do cardio. Stretching and strength is good and all but it doesn't help my heart :) The food thing is proving the hardest, and we're eating a lot of frozen veggies and pastas right now. But we'll get there!

Here's hoping everyone has a GREAT 2012 :)

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