Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sooo, I'm not chair of the Hospitality committee on our new PTA. Like, seriously new. P's school? Yeah, it's not a new school, but it was turned into a Magnet school recently (this is the second year) focusing on Engineering. Also, 80% of the staff at the school is new, including the principal. The PTA was discontinued a few years back after it whittled down to almost no one helping out. But the school is getting in more applications than expected, has received grants this past year, and has so far been wonderful for P. In fact, everytime I'm at the school I'm greeted by happy kids, cheerful educators and staff, bright colors and tons of pictures, and a whole ton of diversity, in fact probably the most diverse school I've seen. I don't even think there's a majority race, though I'd have to check the numbers!

Anyway, I think I'm finally settling on a New Years Resolution, and that's that I want to stop admiring people without emulating them. It always bothers me when people go on and on about how great adoption is and how they wish they could do it, but can't even come up with a good excuse why not. Well, this year I'm going to try to stop doing that myself for other things.

We finally got our act together and started to sponsor two preteen boys overseas to send them to school We're paying less than $50/month, about what it costs to fill one of our tanks of gas for a week, to help support not only these boys but their whole families as this not only covers school, but for one child it covers medical, and for both it covers economic counseling to help the family get on their feet within the next 3 years. All for the cost of a sushi date night for us that we'll probably forget about the next day. Yeah, stop admiring, just do it.

We're starting MAPP classes tonight. We're so confused about this, so up in the air. We like the semi-guarantee of adoption and infertility treatments, and yet... and yet we admire foster parents. We admire those who foster to adopt, as well as those who just outright foster. Stop admiring, just do it.

Last night at the PTA meeting they were going over the committees, their plans for this year, what they'd need people to do, and I found myself already envisioning arguments with the chair of the committee I'd offered to help on over a few issues. And I don't argue well. So I said I'd just go ahead and be the chair myself. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I only have like 5 months of school left and there aren't any big expectations right now. And really... I need to stop waiting for someone else to step up. For someone else to be in charge that I can try to influence or aid. For someone else to do the work while I play on FaceBook. So I stopped admiring all those who'd already chosen to be a leader in the PTA and I raised my hand and said, "I'll do it," and I have to admit I was (am) petrified but I'm also excited. I'm... exhilarated. I feel good.

So this coming year looks like it will be fruitful, and crazy, and all over the place. So many projects to do at home and at the schools, so much to work on, so much to learn, so much to DO!

Oh, and Nik's finally convinced that we should go to Disney World. I did always admire those families who found the time/money to get away and make great memories with their kids.... :-P Hehe, I've been begging for years!

Here's to a great 2012, for ALL of us!

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