Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy busy

Not all too much to talk about today, though it's been awhile since I blogged and decided that I ought to. The weather is nice, making me excited for Spring to come soon. Of course, it was snowy a few days ago, but today it's in the 70's. Yay Raleigh!

We finished MAPP class a couple nights ago and we'll have our first home visit in a few weeks. No guarantees on anything until we're licensed, and even then no guarantees on much else :)

I attended 2 teacher conferences yesterday, one for each boy. Both are doing really well and it's wonderful to hear the teachers talk about them (all positively, I'm very lucky!). Both boys are advanced for their age, though that doesn't necessarily work to P's benefit. Emotionally he's young for his age, and he doesn't understand why not all of the children want to be his friend. His goal for the year was "to be polite to everyone" and he works hard at that. His teacher says that some of the children are intimidated by him, this tall, social, athletic, intelligent child. Apparently when children have to pick teams P is always picked first, and the teacher has been working to give him extra leadership roles in the class since he is a natural leader (his preschool teacher said the same thing, and he was happy to act as her assistant). But P just wants to be liked and accepted and run around and have fun and be silly with the other kids. Granted if we're going to have trouble in school this is the sort of trouble we can manage and work with!

Ambrose on the other hand is just plain loud and full of life, which anyone who meets him could tell you :) I really need to upload a video of these kids, they're hysterical! And I'm the lucky woman who gets to be their mommy :)

In other news, Nik's deadline at work has been pushed back a few weeks which is "good" in the sense that they'll have more time to fix a lot of the issues with their project, and yet "bad" because OMG it's not over with yet and the end date has been set for several months. This is a project that they estimated would take 18 months and they were given 6. So much work at home in the evenings, so many late nights, lots of time missed with the kids, lots of things we can't do as a family, etc. Very frustrating and the announcement that there's a few more weeks of this did not go over well (or so I hear...). But soon! Very soon!

We are still planning on Disney in about 6 weeks and I finally contacted a friend who works in planning Disney vacations so hopefully we should get that going. And Ambrose is now set for school this fall, a whopping 3 mornings a week! He'll be in Heaven :) Paxton's going to go to the same school and he doesn't know it yet but there's a possibility of his teacher moving up to 1st grade with him, so I'm totally psyched about that and looking for ways to assure that happens if I can. Nothing really interesting happening with me though :) Still looking for my next adventure game or JRPG to play!

I'm planning to write a post about the impending "Big 3-0" coming up in 4 months (eep!) and why it seems soooo old to me even when most of my friends are in their 30's and 40's and I don't consider them to be old. It's hard to explain... I'm having some bittersweet feelings about this day and the change over from my 20's to my 30's, how it's kind of closing off those fun and wild young adult years and making me a real adult. Then I remember that I'm married, I have 2 kids, I'm on the PTA and preschool board, and I prefer sleep to just about any other activity out there.... :-P So maybe when I get the chance I'll formulate some complete sentences or even *gasp* concise and sensible paragraphs to make my thoughts all sense-makey.

Until then, I'm going to go raid the kitchen. I hear the siren call of Girl Scout cookies....

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ChaosMandy said...

Wow, six weeks isn't a lot of time to plan a Disney Vaction. I planned my Disney honeymoon (with the help of a planner) for a year. Which may seem extreme, but it's the only way to get the dining reservations I wanted.

Good luck - I'm not brave enough to take kids that young to Disney. I'm waiting until Emily is 6 before we go back to the World.

If you haven't checked them out already, is a great resource for anyone planning a Disney vacation.