Sunday, March 11, 2012

7 weeks

Lucky number seven.... still hanging in there! "Only" 33 more weeks to go :)

Morning sickness has been kicking my butt pretty seriously. Yesterday I declared, "enough! I can't function like this!" So I looked some stuff up and I'm trying a more serious tactic than just eating what I feel like and sitting down a lot as waves of nausea wash over me.

I bought some SEA bands at Walgreens today, and I've already noticed an improvement. I don't care if it's a placebo affect or something, I felt so much better this afternoon than I have the previous afternoons. Still queasy, still an upset stomach, but able to function mostly without it being a hindrance. I felt more awake and less light headed too.

As for the queasiness, I the woman who hates gingerale have been gulping it down in mass quantities. And it's awesome. So are mint candies, purified water (tap water tastes like dirty dishrags), spearmint gum of all things, and even the smell of the Mommy's Bliss morning sickness tabs makes me feel better. Ginger doesn't smell like ginger anymore. It smells like Heaven.

My stomach has gotten smaller with all this queasiness but my blood sugar drops very quickly. I *NEED* to eat every 2 hours or so. It's not a want, it's a dire need. A protein bar, an apple, half a sandwich, a small reheated bowl of leftover soup, whatever! My meals are relatively small now compared to what I used to have, which kind of makes me sad in a way. I loooove food (it shows) and watching those around me munch down on a full meal while it's hot and fresh while I'm eating only the "best when it's fresh" bites and packing away everything else to much on later is somewhat frustrating. But I'll get used to it.

I still feel like I'm getting my period. I've felt like that for 2+ weeks now. Not even a drop of blood, though.

Looking forward to my first prenatal appt in a little over 2 weeks and hoping that everything's doing well. I know it's a long shot and highly unlikely, but I'm also hoping to hear the heartbeat. I will prepare myself for that not happening (9 weeks is so early for a doppler to pick up a heartbeat, and I do have extra padding making it even more unlikely). Even so, I have read too much about blighted ovums and I would love to hear a healthy heartbeat and know that Surprise is doing alright.

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