Tuesday, March 27, 2012

9 weeks, 2 days

Had my first prenatal visit today at the Women's Birth and Wellness Center. Took a bit of finagling, getting my mom to pick up P from school (which required advanced notification and a note to the teacher, and showing my mom a map of the school and sending instructions), as well as my mother then arranging for my father to watch him later on when she had to go out. Nik had to arrange his work schedule to be home in time, and I had to set up A's whole day around an early nap so he could go with us. Which was a mistake, he was running around the calm, quiet office like a bat out of hell (a very cute and excited bat, but still really fast and loud and out of place). Set up my next appt 4 weeks from yesterday, when A is in school. Fingers crossed that works out just fine :)

There was a lot of paperwork. I'd filled out a bit already and handed that in, then filled out more, then went over more with the midwife, then looked through a packet and talked about screening tests. That's our big decision at the moment, take the screening tests (which might just add panic for no reason), or just not know until birth. We still need to talk and research this.

The midwife spent a good amount of time talking to me, getting to know my history, and was very gentle (and thorough) in her exam. I got a pap, cuz why not, as well as the pelvic, and oh yeah the blood draw and the urine sample. So I guess they'll be calling me soon hopefully with all positive results.

The midwife tried to find the heartbeat but couldn't. It's a bit on the early end for hearing a heartbeat on a doppler, and during the pelvic exam she discovered that my uterus tips backward making it near impossible for us to hear a heartbeat on the doppler at this time. Babe us well encapsulated inside me at the moment, protected on all sides and not squished up to the front.

Still have to just cross fingers that all is well and that Surprise is doing okay. If we do one of the early screening tests it would be in a few weeks and would include an ultrasound, which makes it a bit tempting but I don't want to put Surprise in danger. So again, more research needed.

Oh, and my uterus measures perfectly for 9-10 weeks pregnant. And I have a "perfectly adequate" pelvis for delivery, haha! And another cervical polyp. Of course.

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