Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sea Bands

Are awesome.

They are so awesome.

OMG they are awesome.

I am me again.

I am me, and I am a bit more tired than usual, a bit queasier than usual, and still have some big food preferences going on. And the nose knows things she didn't used to know.

But I am me.

I can play with my children.

I can walk.

I can drive.

I can eat.

I can hold real conversations.

I can do yoga.

I actually felt so happy when I woke up today and had a blissful morning with A, a complete turn around from last Tuesday when I felt that I was at my end (and then it kept getting worse throughout the week).

The morning sickness wasn't just wave after wave of nausea. It was trouble breathing, heart palpitations, the inability to stand up straight due to excruciating stomach pains. It was light headedness, dizziness, a disconnect from the world, a dreamlike state, an inability to focus. It was constantly hoping this would just end, not the pregnancy, but the sickness.

And Sea Bands?

Oh, oh they are awesome.

And today, I'm a little sleepy, a little queasy, and feel a bit more full than normal.

But I can do this. Hooray!

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