Sunday, March 4, 2012

Six weeks

Today, if I'm write, I am six weeks pregnant. That makes Surprise 4 weeks old (in utero terms). That also make Surprise visible to the naked eye, with a beating heart, buds for limbs and eyes, placenta, etc.

I've now had 4 positive tests. I had used the Dollar Tree tests for so long and I was so used to squinting at the negatives for 10+ minutes just hoping that there might be the faintest sign of a line... it was nice to see the line show up dark red as soon as the urine hit, even with middle of the day watered down pee. The hcg is strong with this one.

I'm definitely more light headed than normal but a lot of the times it feels more like I'm on the verge of symptoms than actually experiencing them. Like, I'm not really nauseous but very mildly kinda ill feeling, or I'm not really dizzy, but I certainly don't feel as balanced as I normally do.

I'm still expecting blood. I still haven't seen any. If expecting it is what keeps it away, I'll keep on expecting haha! I'll do what it takes to keep Surprise around :)

Planning a trip to Disney at the end of this month/start of next month. Plans coming together courtesy of a friend and Disney Planner :) So excited!

I'll be helping parent in A's class tomorrow. Let's see if I can get through the morning without saying anything... though I might anyway. If I do, God forbid, lose Surprise I know that they'll offer support and that I'd be sure to get emotional around them anyway. There are two classmates due to become big siblings next month and should anything awful happen this might make me very upset, and it would be wonderful if they knew.... so I guess I'll tell them.... eep!

Hoping to find a way to see a doctor soon and make sure everything's okay.

Also, P got hurt this past Friday. 2nd degree burn to the forehead :-( It's infected but he's on abx and hopefully it will clear up (and heal up) soon. I'm expecting scarring for a long while. Maybe we'll work it into his Halloween costume :)

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