Monday, May 7, 2012

The Slacker Housewife

Sooo, I actually have to work lately.  And that stinks!  I HATE actually having to, you know, cook and clean and such.  Why can't I just hang out at children's museums and zoos all day with my cute kids?  Yeesh...

So right now it's Teacher's Appreciation Week, which I'm all about.  Teachers are seriously under appreciated and over worked so I'm more than happy to step up and help bring a little bit of joy and recognition into their lives. 

That being said, I had to arrange a breakfast this morning (I'll be going to clean up in a couple hours), have a luncheon at A's preschool Weds where I'm arranging all the potluck meals, and have a Luncheon at P's school on Friday which is catered but I'll be there the whole time (3 hours) making sure things go well. 

I probably mentioned that I put A in school for 4 mornings a week for the last month of school.  I just have so much that needs to get done!  I won't accomplish all of it (still waiting on seeds to grow before I can plant some of the garden) but I've already got a lot done.  I've steam vac'd most of the house, cleaned most of our closet and both the boys closets (and rooms!), organized a few drawers, got rid of a carload of stuff to a local thrift store, and honestly I'm accomplishing a lot of things I just haven't had time to do.

I'm proud of myself, really.  I have irises planted and a garden growing and clean floors and organized closets and I'll probably actually get to deep clean the bathrooms at this rate and, hey, I pruned the trees and most of the bushes! 

But I'm tired.  I mean, I'm a lazy person anyway, really sedentary, but now?  I'm. So. Tired.  I want to sleeeeep!  I've been sleeping so much at night, so long in the morning, and even conking out for naps. 

I'll persevere, I know.  I'll have a cleaned out kitchen and cleaned bathrooms and an organized linen closet, etc etc, probably by the end of the week.  And that will make me feel mentally better and will make life so much easier this summer, when I'll really only have time for basic cleaning during the week. 

Even so, sometimes it's so hard to resist the siren call of Facebook and celebrity gossip sites.... so, so, hard... maybe just one more peek... :)

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