Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Oh man, when was the last time I posted?  Can't even remember!

Sooo... here's a quickish wrap up of the past several weeks.

P:  His last day of Kindergarten was a week ago.  We had a sweet little kindy picnic on Monday followed by a slideshow and a little 'graduation' ceremony in his class, just small and intimate.  P now knows that he'll have his same teacher and classmates this fall, and we've already seen a few of his classmates for playdates in the past week.  He's not stressed about it, something I was truly worried about, but instead calm and happy and relaxed.  He's enjoying his time off, willingly taking his naps, and is just being a great, easy going child for the most part. 

We took him to the 20 week ultrasound a few days ago and he was a little riled up there, but he ended up enjoying himself.  We still need to figure out how to meet everyone's needs this summer, and so far he's been left out a lot.  I feel bad, but he can amuse himself with a video game or book from the library, things he's been missing with school in session.  So far so good, we'll just need to get into a routine.

A:  He finished preschool two weeks ago, which was bittersweet, oddly moreso than P leaving kindy though I think it's because we're pretty closeknit at the preschool.  Also A doesn't understand that he'll be seeing these friends again this Fall.  For P, that's a blip on his radar, just look at a calendar and know when you'll see them again.  For A, that's like forever.  He's not having an easy adjustment to our summer schedule and he's been a much bigger challenge this past week than he had been beforehand.  Hopefully we'll get that under control too.  Also he's potty training and while I'm falling into the trap of frustration with him, he's doing a stellar job.  My hope was to get him mostly there by the end of the summer, but he took to peeing on the potty immediately.  #2 is a work in progress, so that looks like our main challenge.  That, and the fact that he's been mostly dry through the nights meaning he's up at like 4:45 with a hurting belly needing us to put him on the potty and then he has trouble falling back to sleep, if at all.  *Groan*

Baby:  She's a she, she's doing great, and she's a kicker.  A mover and a shaker really :)  Everything is going great in there.  I'm a real slacker at, well, everything so I really need to work on getting the birthing class in order and getting up with our doula and setting up a birth plan other than "have baby" and all that.  But she's doing her job of sticking around and growing just fine. 

N:  Working a lot, but still having fun with the kids.  He's up with A a lot at night and early mornings so I can actually sleep.  We're both reading books right now (like, multiple books for each of us, it's a phase we're trying to replace with watching Murder She Wrote on Netflix), and so a lot of our time together has been spent reading beside each other.  Like old people.  Old people in their late 20's. 

Me:  I'm in my late 20's!  yaaaay!  For like, 15 more days!  Woohoo!  Still not sure if/how to celebrate.  No one throws me parties so it's up to me if I want to plan anything, and really I just don't have it in me.  We *might* go to the beach for the day, but it's looking unlikely, especially with our yearly Maine trip right around the corner in a few weeks (yeah, need to plan that one too). 

My PTA stuff is over now, officially done the end of this month.  I did really enjoy Teacher's Appreciation Week but I won't be a chair next year.  How could I promise that with a new baby coming?  I'll be on the preschool board though, smaller group, know what I'm doing and much more fun :) 

I'm still doing yoga a bit and trying to get into swimming.  I'm cooking from home more, though I'm not feeling so great today and I'm tempted to just eat out.  Tummy acting up, not enough sleep, bleck.  I'm sure it'll only get worse as the summer goes on and I get bigger so I'd better get used to it!  I am enjoying all the fresh, local produce and locally produced foods.  NC is great for that. 

Okay, toddler on my lap, big kid wanting attention, need to cook dinner.  Um, yeah, this is why I never write anything :-P


Sarah said...

So good to hear an update. I am glad everything is going well w/ the baby. I can't wait to hear what you name her-- you have great names for your boys and I am sure this one will be cool too! Hope you guys enjoy your summer and have fun in Maine.

manymanymoons said...

Oh my gosh, you have so much going on. How in the world do you juggle it all AND grow a human in that belly? You are a rock star!