Friday, June 29, 2012

So now I'm thirty.

And I still refuse to grow up :-P  Can't make me!!! 

Last night I got to go out with my BFF Renata.  We met Freshman year of High School in the lunch room, friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing.  Didn't like her then, she was all mousy and quiet and shy and I was so ready to be all grown up and embrace the teenage experience and go wild and crap.  Got old fast, didn't like it, and she and I were much more compatible as friends than anyone else.  We made it through a long obsession with the Backstreet Boys (we were to have a joint marriage with Kevin and Howie), we were hooked on the same comic books, had our hobby comic books that we worked on together for years without even putting together one full page (and yet we had like 3 different series all mapped out from start to finish), we became obsessed with anime and manga together and borrowed each others stuff all the time, have spent waaaay too much time at coffee shops talking about the dumbest stuff, and have been each other's "sister by choice" for, um, a long time now.  Like 15 years this Fall.

So anywho, it was only fitting that I leave my twenties the same way I entered it: wasting time with the BFF :)  And it also happened to be our standard dinner night anyway, so that helped.

As I told Nik when I came home (he loves to hear all about our adventures) it was a total Renata/Megan night.  Seriously.

We met up and spent like half an hour whining about how hungry we were and trying to decide where we wanted to eat, with a lot of "I don't know, what do *you* feel like?" thrown in.

We finally headed toward a shopping center as I read all the menus from all the dining establishments off my iPhone and she told me how it all made her hungry, and I agreed.

We parked and then walked around to all these dining establishments and read their menus again, because that makes it more official or something.

We ate crepes.  They were delicious.  Oh, and she paid as a birthday treat.  *sniff*

We then walked around and looked at all the possible deserts before agreeing that we were both full and getting in the car to go to a RedBox since they have The Artist now, and while The Artist is in fact at a local $2 movie theater, I don't want to hear popcorn the whole time while we're watching it.  Again.

So we drove to the RedBox, then sat there on our iPhones for 20 minutes trying to see if it was on NetFlix streaming since then it would be free and we wouldn't have to remember to return it. 

We couldn't figure it out, so instead we went to a coffee shop and got coffees and treats to take back to her house.

We then pulled up Netflix and after seeing it wasn't there, we looked at other things.  Decided not to watch the movie we had half watched last time since we were actually interested in it and we felt like talking the whole time.  So we chose Thor, because it's not that great a movie and it was Thursday (Thor's Day).  We then looked up the history of the god Thor and laughed about the discrepencies. 

Then there was a guy who reminded Renata of Westley in The Princess Bride, so we stopped Thor and looked up TPB and then both whined when it wasn't there, which it totally should be! 

So then she started North and South, which made us far too quiet. 

So we stopped it and she pulled out a toy horse she'd has since she was a child, the subject of this overarching conversation we'd had all night that also included kids TV shows (new and old) and how I can't watch Bob the Builder anymore since the Bob/Wendy dynamic frustrates me too much and it being a kids show I know they'll probably never hook up.

Anyway, Renata wanted to see if she should find what the toy line was called to see if she could replace her set of toy horses, as her nieces and nephews had broken all her others.  She couldn't find any info though.  Took us half an hour, a laptop and an iPhone, and the fact that I found a distinguishing characteristic immediately, and we were able to find that we had Darci of the Fashionstar Fillies line from 1987.  She's a collectible, thought probably not much of one in the state she's in.  So we finished our night checking out collector's pages, her looking at horses, me looking at Polly Pockets because they're awesome, and then I was yawning and decided to drive home before I was too tired.

I got home, told Nik about the whole evening, and he just laughed and shook his head as always.  I think he somehow enjoys having a crazy wife.


As for my birthday today, I've so far spent it hanging out with the kids, trying to keep the chickies from heating to death, and spending the morning with my friend/doula and her kids.  Wiggles is a-kickin' away and A wants to sing happy birthday but the timing isn't quite right I guess :-P  Tonight we dine on Teppanyaki! 

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