Thursday, January 6, 2011

And now I'm all stealthy!

This should be my first post as a protected blog. Meaning if you are reading this then you are one of the select few invited to read my blog. How awesome for you!


Anyway, not much to update right now. The big "thing" in our lives is adoption #3 which is currently on hold because:
-Nik started a new job and we don't have insurance until next month
-We need the $$ from Ambrose's adoption tax credit to come in, and even when filing early as we plan to do it can still take awhile to get the $$ in.
-One of the seat belts in my back seat is broken, meaning I can't put a third car seat there yet. No, seriously, this is important. I promise.
-Also the house is a mess.
-And I have no idea what to do about the fact that the changing table works so well in Ambrose's room, and I'd have to change the new baby in the middle of the night.
-Also the rocker/glider is in there.
-And I hate moving furniture.
-Also? OMG 3 kids.

The adoption will probably not be on hold long because:
-We'll have insurance in less than 4 weeks.
-We do have a lot of $$ in the bank and my mother has a large line of credit she's ready to lend us until the tax credit roles in.
-We just need to call and order the part. 1 day and $300. And we already have the 3rd car seat.
-The house is still a lot cleaner than it was and is far more manageable now.
-The rest of the stuff is still an issue, but a minor issue in the long run. I'll probably be changing diapers in our bedroom putting a pad on the floor, move the rocker back into the living room (or just buy a second), and also? 3 kids sounds really nice.

We have names totally solidified now. No longer would she, if the potential babe to be is a she, be called Arcadia. Nope, another name. Something better and much more meaningful, to the extent that its tipping the scales in favor of me wanting a girl JUST to use this name!

So we'll see.

And now... to invite people :-) Cuz I can't go ahead and do that first or anything!