Monday, February 25, 2013

So little time...

Seriously, life with 3 is fun and wonderful and exhausting!  We're loving it, but also looking forward to a bit more sleep and a steadier schedule.  You know, someday.  For right now, there's a cuddly warm baby to hold.

A BIG baby might I add.  This girl jumped 2 clothing sizes in under 2 weeks, and is now sitting pretty in 9m clothes, with some 12m in there.  She won't be 4 months old until next week.  She has an average sized head, pretty average legs, arms and feet, and a huuuuuge long torso!  Due to her relatively small head size, she has great neck control and has since very early on.  She sits with assistance, loves to pull up to stand, flips to her side, and detests tummy time though she'll put up with it sometimes if there's a toy to lick and/or a mirror in which to stare.

Ambrose is adjusting, with tantrums and loudness and general Ambrose behavior.  We did have the boys in the same room together at night but we've taken a week+ break from that, so we can all get a bit more sleep before trying again.  We kinda need that nursery at some point soon, but if we need to keep Cosi in our room for another year so we can all get sleep at night so be it.  Though I'd rather she go to the nursery at, say, 6-10 months, somewhere in there :) 

A knows his bit letters and several of his little letters, and knows a few of the number by sight too.  He's still counting 1-20 with 13 and 15 omitted, just as he's been doing this past year.  He's recognizing many words now, though not spelling any out.  And today?  He wrote a few As.  Like, real As.  We clapped, it was awesome :)

P is huge and great and sweet and completely in love with his baby sister.  Like, he would give up everything in the world just to sit and sing silly songs for her and clap for her and hold a smile for 20 minutes up in her face so she can study him.  Seriously, this girl could not ask for a better biggest brother!  He's reading so very well and writing well, and he's making great plans and doing great kid things.  Seriously, after years of rages and behavioral issues and fits and worry and counselors of different sorts and laying awake at night worried for this kid... he's seriously like just a normal kid now.  Yeah, we need to still monitor him closely.  Things like sleep, water, good food, and fresh air, while general requirements for most if not all children, are absolute requirements for him and any upset in their balance can lead to hours of anger and angst.  But he's doing so much better and at this point he's catching himself, helping himself, and learning to regulate himself.  He's such a smart and kind soul and he's driven to do good things for others.  I can now easily and clearly see him growing up to be a very, very great man :)

Not too much else to report, or maybe too much little stuff.  Not enough sleep, trying to eat healthy but it's hard this time of year, adjusting to a new little person and 3 children's vastly different schedules, just lots of adjustment going on over here.  And a lot of outside time and a lot of play time and a lot of fun too! 

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Sarah said...

So great to have an update now that I am not on FB anymore. Cosi is BEAUTIFUL!!! The boys are so big. Sounds like you have adjusted to life w/ 3 so well.