Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just Another Sunday...

I keep taking too long between postings. There's always just so much to write! I feel like my iPhone camera is capturing the moments pretty well, at least those with Paxton, but it misses a lot of things. Like the Paxisms! I love it when he asks for "some any" or "any some" of something. For example: "Please I want any some bread?" Hehe, cutie! He's been drawing smiley faces and shapes and pre-letters, coloring in the lines, following directions, and picking up a whole new set of vocabulary words like "rather" and "second" (after first). I am always being told that people think he's 4 already. Just a few more months and he will be! Time is flying so much!

Nik and I are discussing our future plans for family building. I always saw myself with 2 by birth, 3 by adoption. Nik didn't have a particular plan but wanted no more than two by birth and definitely a couple by adoption, so my plan seems okay to him :) We're going to go for the 3 by adoption first it looks like, then maybe try fertility treatments while I'm in my early 30's. It's up in the air, as always, but that's the current plan. Part of me feels reeeeally guilty for considering trying to conceive when obviously adoption is "enough" for us. It's just... I've always seen us with both, thought we'd experience both miracles, and I'm pretty sure we'll regret it if we don't really try. It's odd, most people have to come to terms with adoption after giving birth or trying to give birth. I have to come to terms with birth after adoption! If it happens, of course. We have a part in it, definitely, but it's not completely in our hands.

Up to roughly 18 oz a day. Woohoo! Goal 3! Yeah! Gotta cheer me on :)

Feeling optimistic. Well, trying to anyway. Right now I KNOW it could be any day. I also know we have no guarantee it'll ever happen. Great, right?

I'm also a little bummed currently. I went to a consignment sale, got up crazy early to do so, and really... it wasn't as much fun. We just don't need as much. Now, should we end up with a girl we'll need A LOT of different/new clothes. But as is, baby should be set for the first several months of life, and P now has a 5T/5/6 wardrobe. Also, he has too many toys!

Homeschooling is going well. We're working on a letter a week, just learning about it and reading books with the letter featured, and singing songs about the letter, etc. We're on H this week! Also added in a few little math and writing activities. I'm trying to remember that this is the absolute bare basics, introduction to homeschooling. Gotta ignore those kids that are younger than him and reading and writing and doing basic math. Gotta focus on the fact that learning is currently fun and he's a smart boy who's happy to learn and happy to DO things by himself, like draw and color and play. He's so little but so big...

Alright, time to spend some quality time with the husband. :) I can't believe it! Our 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple months, and we've actually been together like 7.5 years now. And I still like the guy :)

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