Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a little slice of life...

Trying not to spend too long on the computer tonight, but I haven't blogged in awhile. I really feel like life is passing by soooooo fast and I want to savor every moment! But at the same time I want to record every moment so I don't forget a single thing.

No where near finished P's baby book. I'm so bad about that! Hopefully BB's baby book will show up soon and we can start filling that out. Need to print out photos and work on our yearly photo album. We're well past the halfway mark for the year so I should go ahead and at least do through June!

Am playing The Sims 3 when I have a chance. It's more fun now. Managing the whole town pretty much, not playing any specific families. It's.... very different from the first two. But still fun! Enjoying Boys Before Flowers with Nik right now. We've watched both Together: Superstar Express and Fated to Love You. We love how nuts the dramas are!

Went on a date on Friday. Enjoyed sandwiches and coffee at Port City Java, and froyo at Crema on Fayetteville. P busted his lip and kept telling us "there was a big people in a pink shirt, then there was a big people in a blue shirt. Two people! One big people in a pink shirt and one big people in a blue shirt!" It's so cute! I'm so glad he can more easily communicate now, but I'm also glad he's in the stage where he's making up the most adorable sentences.

We went through another disappointment last week. A situation came up at the agency, we went back and forth on it due to issues involved, Nik finally called and got more info, we decided to go for it finally feeling this was IT and then... the couple who'd been sitting next to us in orientation (on our left) were picked. They were placed Friday. We saw the pics, which are always a little depressing and a little healing at the same time. Great people, very glad for them. Still hurts. Some part of me was happy when the other couples picked over us had no kids as I felt they deserved a child and were more desirable with no children. This couple has two young children, both from infancy. I feel kind of gypped, like we should have had our chance to raise an infant before someone who's done it twice. Stupid thoughts really, and rationally looking at the baby's picture he doesn't feel like mine and I'm so happy they have a third child (as someone who hopes to have a huge family, how bitter can I be?). Our time will come. I just hope it comes soon!

Nik and I are working, half heartedly, on an adventure game together. It's fun though. We sort of talk about it in our spare time. Nik's more into the RPG maker. I'm more into the plotline. We'll see what comes of it!

I suppose that's all I have to update with right now. Not getting too far in TMI land. about 16.5 oz/day, not a huge difference. My increases are so slight now, and faaaaar between. Really I'm trying more to hold steady than anything else! Still hoping to be making 24+ when baby comes home, though if baby wants to come home soon.... I'm game!

Alright, time to watch our 3rd episode of the day. Yay!!!! And time for Nik to apply aloe to my back. Ugh, the stickiness. We went to Sandling Beach for the first time yesterday. P had a blast, as did we, but man were we burnt! P is fine but we forgot sunscreen! Okay, time to go :)

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