Monday, March 22, 2010

So there's going to be a few changes around here...

Change #1.

We are not adopting from Ethiopia at this time. Don't wanna go too into it, but suffice to say the i-600A was in the mail, check included around 1pm. Went to the kid's museum around 2:30, right after checking my empty inbox. Came home around 5:30 to discover 12 emails about the shocking new requirements change in Ethiopia that would not only add time and inconvenience, but likely about $5k-$10k onto the adoption. Talked about it. Cancelled check.

I thought things were going to swimmingly. It seemed... too easy. Like something was about to happen.

We don't have easy adoptions (in hindsight maybe, but not at the time).

So change #1 is that we are, in fact, going to adopt. Just not from Ethiopia.

Because we've been pulled, over and over again, with all signs pointing toward it, to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This means a baby who is a bit (or a lot) closer in age to Brozy than we'd planned. But... we're going on signs and gut instinct here. I mean, seriously, if we were going on logic do you think we would've adopted a highly traumatized Ethiopian toddler for our first child? Or brought home a newborn when said toddler was still acting up as a 3.5 year old? And it worked out just fine, P's doing muuuuch better and loves his big brother role, A is thriving (and teething!) and happy, and our family time now is so blissful and wonderful there are times I can barely contain the joy within me.

We trust our collective gut. And it's telling that there's a baby sister waiting in the Congo to join our family (though she's not born yet... unless another sign tells us she is!).

Change #2.


K, so I think we got to our breaking points so to speak. Or at least I did. Baby shrieking himself to sleep (in our arms!) for hours at night + up and out of bed most of the night + 4 year old waking up and doing as he pleases anytime after 4:30am = OMG how are we surviving????

So the new rule is that Paxton cannot leave his room (except to quickly use the bathroom), have his light on, or even leave his bed until 6:30am. On the frikkin' dot. We're really cracking down on that.

And we're doing trial and error with the No Cry Sleep Solution, just seeing what works and what doesn't. Looks like Mommy is the best Lovey but we're still working on giving him another comfort item. Right now, though, the big thing is to A) break the sleep-suck connection completely and B) lay him in his bassinet from time to time.

I love, love, LOVE the magical moments we spend together co-sleeping. Love it! So glad we're doing it! I swear I think some of the best moments of my life have been waking up to a peacefully sleeping baby cuddled into me.

But at the same time, I need a break. I need to be able to place him in his bassinet for at least an hour at night, let Nik and I have some time alone together as a couple again without one of us holding him or bouncing him. And for his sake too, I'd like to be able to place him down someplace where he feels safe and warm and just let him sleep, peacefully, without needing someone there beside him.

I said I'd wait to start that until 6 months but, well, I also said that about solids and he's up to a few ounces a day there at 5.5 months :)

So we're instituting changes, only in the past couple of days.

The result?

Both kids are soooooo much better rested and so are we! ALREADY! Nik and I had an hour of "couple time" last night, Ambrose fell asleep by nursing until he was almost out then losing the nipple right before sleep and being quickly calmed, Paxton woke up at 5:48 and was quiet (back to sleep?) for over half an hour(!!!), Nik got more sleep and was more patient, and I didn't leave the bed once... though Nik did, but he made up for it sleepwise :)

So already progress, though I fully expect that to backfire soon and the real fight to begin :-D

Change #3.

Crap, I totally lost it... there was another one....

Maybe the fact that I aim to spend all of Nik's hard earned $$ on things like a Toyota Sienna and new windows and treatments, and a Disney vacation, and oh yeah a daughter, and stuff like that? Dunno.

I'm pretty sure my brain just failed me :)


OH! As a celebration... a year ago today is when I started to pump for Ambrose. Yaaaay! Just me, a hand pump, some drops and a hope and dream and wish and such. I could only hope I'd make it this far! So yaaaaay!

Also, Nik and I are going out for a bit tonight to celebrate while my mom watches the kids. So again, yaaaaay!

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