Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweet Lil P

This afternoon I took my boys to Marbles before heading to dinner with my parents. I had emailed my mother just to whine and we agreed that dinner with the grandparents would cheer P up after a rough spot this morning, especially with Daddy being out tonight.

While at Marbles he found some craft supplies, asked a staff member kindly for a stapler, and proceeded to create a book from scratch with no help.

His title page. He did it Manga style :) "this is me"

This one's easy to read. It made me start to tear up.

This one is not easy to read :-P "I am a good engineer, very good. I am smart, very good."

"Blue is good, very good. Booo (say it like a ghost now), I am good."

I was tearing up and could only whisper "Good boy" when I got to the end.

"Silly mommy," he said with a smile. "It says good bye!"


Good Bay!

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Sarah said...

I love this! What a smart little guy you have!