Sunday, October 7, 2012

37 Weeks...

And a HUGE sigh of relief! 

I don't have too long to type, as nap time is just about up for the boys, but I figure I should jot down a few things while I'm thinking about it.

-Hooray full term!  I likely still have another month to go, but given some of my recent intense Braxton Hicks and all the freaking out that went with them, I'm glad to know that if she does come she'll likely be just fine and "fully cooked" so to speak.  Also this means I'm on target to give birth at the Birth Center like we've hoped, instead of a hospital.
-I've gained about 20 lbs at this point, from pre-preg weight.  This isn't taking into account the fact that I dropped 6 lbs in the first trimester (so about 26 lbs gained in 5ish months?).  I was told I should aim for 15-20 lbs, but eh, I didn't gain 60 so I figure I'm good :)
-I'm still carrying really high.  Seriously, I don't have a cute bump, I have a somewhat pointy above the naval bump, an unpopped belly button, and a lot of squish below the naval.  People love to tell me that she hasn't dropped yet.  Believe me, I know :-P
-Even without dropping, her head is actually pretty low.  This past week we determined (and midwife confirmed) that her head is way down in there, she was in her side with left facing forward (left occiput anterior?), her bum stuck out right under my ribs and her legs were sticking out my left side.  I was able to tickle her feet and she pulled her legs in, with her left knee sticking out above my naval.  It was cute.  It was also kind of worrisome.  I mean, I was only 36.5 weeks and she was HOW big to be able to reach all of that?  And she'll be HOW big when I do my all natural vaginal delivery?  Nik was 10 lbs at birth, I was 8 but one of the smallest in my family of 10-11 lb babies...
-On that note, I'm fully embracing denial.  I'm telling myself that she'll be a healthy 6lbs maximum, that labor will last 2 hours, I won't tear, I won't poo, I'll be a delicate flower just moaning softly, and there will be no pain.  I'm fully aware that this is a total lie and I'll be shrieking like a banshee, mostly likely for many hours, she'll be big, and there will be blood.  My blood.  And stitches.  But it's okay, I can survive it, and at the end there's a baby.  Still, I don't have to actually remind myself daily of how nuts it'll be.  So I'm just thinking, "teeny baby, easy birth, teeny baby, easy birth" and I'm going to keep thinking that way until I am forced to face reality.  It's going to come one way or the other, no reason to freak myself out!
-I am so, so ready to meet her!  So in love already :)

-Ambrose just turned 3.  I'm not sure who is prouder of him, us or Ambrose himself!  He can finally make his "three hands," after working on it for weeks leading up to his birthday.  He has a "3" shirt he proudly shows off (not as cool as his Angry Birds shirt of course).  He has a birthday haircut, and he had a "big party" at the kid's museum, as well as a little party at his preschool.  On his birthday Nik took off from work so we could both be helping parent with him at preschool.  Poor guy found it overwhelming!  Lots of clinginess and jealousy.  But he was happy we were there, happy we got to have lunch at Kanki (just to watch the fire), and happy to build his bunny at Build-A-Bear.  He's going back and forth between smiles and whines still, but that's the age too!  So many changes for my little big guy, haha!
-Ambrose is a lefty, no doubt, and I'm starting to learn about all that we'll need to do to make his school life/development a success.  Need to get those lefty scissors!
-He's in underpants (teensy tighty whiteys!) most days, without too many issues.  Still not 100% PT'ed but getting there really quickly!
-We're starting to really try to move him to P's room.  No hurry, I like to take big changes slowly so that they last, but I'm hoping that maybe in the January-March range he'll be sleeping in P's room full time and we can use his room for Cosima.  Last night he slept in P's room at night, and he's currently taking a nap in there, which is like 50% of the time now.  My goal is to make it standard so it's not as new and interesting, and so that they can both sleep together in the same room without issue.

-And thus, on to Paxton!  We're not taking him to the restroom so much at night now, sort of having him build up his nighttime awareness so that he'll be able to sleep on the top bunk all night and take care of himself.  For a child with a mild physical delay who JUST night trained like 6 months ago with us taking him to the restroom once at night and cutting off liquids, the fact that he's drinking normally and holding it all night is flipping amazing!  Of course, he's such a big boy now it's not something I can't celebrate too openly since it might embarrass him. 
-P is really a big ole first grader, very proud of himself and doing great in school.  He's had a couple of rough patches, but honestly given his sensitive temperament and all that's going on at home (ie, new baby) the fact that he's doing so well most of the time DOES need to be openly celebrated.  And that's just behavior wise, academically he's definitely ahead.  He's reading at like a beginning 3rd grade level, well beyond where he needs to be by the end of the school year.  He's so fast with his homework now, writing his sentences in his journal every night, reading a book or two or three each day (Magic Treehouse, Junie B Jones, etc), speeding through his math homework and getting it right 95% of the time without even thinking or counting on his hands, etc.  If I didn't think it would totally overwhelm him I might add more on at home, but I'm holding back on that.  He's keeping up really well with all that's being thrown at him academically and I don't want to mess with that.  I'd rather he be excelling where he is and gaining confidence, then push him to his limits (or beyond) and have him lose faith in himself and his abilities. 
-P's doing really well with his chore chart, and he's been such a great help at home.  I wasn't really given chores as a child but I want P to do chores, so every day he has basic things (make bed, pick up room, put clothes in hamper, set table) and one inside chore, usually something either I pick or he suggests, like getting the laundry out of the dryer and bringing it upstairs to my room so I can sort and fold, or sweeping the kitchen floor.  I'm not super strict about any of it, and often the bed looks only half made and I still have to bring all the plates and silverware to the table for him to set it, but it's nice to have a little helper and it's REALLY building confidence in him.  The best part?  his little brother also wants to do it, and if P can rope him into helping I'm all for it!  Two little helpers who know what they're doing is seriously beyond awesome, so go ahead and train away! 

Okay, so that ended up super long.  It's 4:40pm and we're supposed to be at my parents by 5.  P's asleep on the couch behind me after coming downstairs an hour and a half ago from a short nap and still looking tired.  Ambrose has been asleep about two and a half hours.  Ummmm... bedtime tonight is going to stink, isn't it?  At least we know they'll be well rested to wreak havoc at my parents' house!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like you are all doing so well. Can't believe Ambrose is 3 years old!! Wow.

Any day now Little Miss will be here! You'll be in my prayers... I am sure you will do great.