Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to know you aren't girly...

I've been ruminating over whether little Cosi will be super girly or super, um, tomboy-y.  I figure that with two uber active older brothers she'll likely be one extreme or the other, either just like them or the total opposite.  I've had several mothers of girls, though, tell me that she'll be the opposite of me.  This lead me to wonder whether or not I'm a tomboy or a girly girl.  I mean, I do like the color pink and shiney things and things that smell good... but I don't wear make up, don't like pampering myself much, don't like to dress up really, and, um, well... I'm a mother of boys.  Really, really, boyish boys.

At this point I'm wondering whether or not my children pulled me right into tomboy land or if I was already there :)

Aaaaand, Mr. Ambrose has awoken from nap!  Time to go cuddle him.  Perhaps I'll write a post soon about how I'm not-so-patiently waiting.  Lower baby=geez, this isn't so comfy anymore! 

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