Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Too Fast...

Okay, can someone please tell me when this angelic little baby:

Became this fun loving big boy?

Seriously, the kid is loving his school. He's loving library story time. He's asking for his teachers or class mates or librarians or friends, asking to go certain places, do certain things, eat certain foods. Things he didn't register even a month or two ago are now his norm. He's not thinking like a baby anymore. He's thinking like a kid.

And it scares me.

I mean, come on, I already have one kids in all day school!!! Let me have this baby time man!

Seriously, look at this! Look at my cute cuddly little boys!

Now, look at these same boys 23.5 months later, all dressed up (by their definition) and headed off to school this morning.

Ambrose knew exactly what he needed to do to go to "butha scoo". He needed a jacket. Not pants or a shirt or shoes or anything. And who cares if it's raining! No, he needed a jacket, brother's jacket, and he could wear it his way thankyouverymuch, and he and P held hands and just started walking off while Nik was getting his shoes on.


What's a momma to do?

Especially when he's such a heart breaker!

I mean, it was obvious he would be. Look at how dashing he was at just a couple weeks old!

And now? Even more so.

Kid has his own sense of style, and he totally rocks it! And if you don't comment on his awesome shades or his rockin' boots? Well, he'll march right up to you and demand you look at him and compliment his attire. My little diva.

Oh well.

I guess they all have to grow up sometime, right?

At least now he's no longer just lounging around on the couch playing video games.

We've got this babe out in the yard working.

Gotta pick that crop o' chickens before the frost sets in!

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