Friday, November 6, 2009

Things are going a bit better around here...

So we had our first meeting with Project Enlightenment, and will be going back next week. The things we gleaned from it:
-Need to work on discipline methods a bit
-Need to work more on getting P to stay in bed longer (he's so much better with more sleep...)
-I need more sleep, and that was like point #1 actually, so I've started to get Nik up at night to take Mr. Awake for an hour and bring him back to bed to nurse and conk out. Gets me an extra hour's sleep, moreso really since I don't have to get out of bed at 3am for anything more than a diaper change. I'm also going to bed at like 9:30 or earlier.
-We're going to put P in preschool. I'm a little weepy over that one. Going to tour a couple that are close to us and have openings next week.
-Need to micromanage him a bit more.
-Need to actually get breaks from him so we're (mostly I'm) not worn down since we can't be very effective if we're too tired to deal with things.

I think the big thing at this point is socialization and also us figuring out what's an issue and what's totally normal. We're going to have a screening with him done by a professional and we're meeting with them again, this time with Paxton present, just so they get a better idea of everything.

I actually felt kinda good when we talked about his history and what our first year together was like and they asked "how on Earth did you survive that?" Paxton now? Manageable but disruptive of group activities, sometimes disrespectful of adults and a bit impulsive. Paxton then? Holy terror who we loved endlessly but who we struggled to get through the day living with. I'd much rather take Pax now to Pax then. Even so, if we can help solve the issues at hand that'll be great.

It's also nice to review materials and speak with people and find out that while he used to be a very, very difficult kid with rough issues, he's now a slightly difficult kid with some issues that will likely go away pretty easily. I'm definitely feeling a lot better.

Also, they have an incredible library there and we were able to find Parenting with Love and Logic just sitting there. I just started reading it. Looks like we might be drill seargent parents. Oy. Never expected that one, didn't start off that way either, but at this point we're so used to stepping in and stopping him from doing any harm at all. Something we gravitated toward during that tough first year, I suppose, and now we'll need to retrain ourselves.

So the whole family is going in for a retraining.

I feel... odd using government services and asking them to take part in our family life.

I also feel so, so much better. I think even with more sleep and a more relaxed attitude (and feeling totally validated) I'm able to handle Paxton a little better. He's been better for me. Still can be a total butt though...


Paxton started Soccer today. It's like $67 for the next 5 sessions (one a week) but he just had sooooo much fun at today's trial practice... It was great to watch him start off being a total pain in the butt (leaving the circle and screaming "neeveeeer!" when the coach asked him to rejoin) to actually listening and becoming totally engaged in the practice. At the end he semi-tackled (pulled?) another kid in a fight for the blue spot (as opposed to the orange spot, where Paxton was supposed to sit) but all apologies were made and everyone was cool with it. P left hopping up and down and telling me "Yay! I had a lot of fun!!!"


Took Ambrose in for his 1 month check up. He's roughly 75th percentile for everything! They tell me he's thriving, and noted how strong and alert he is, much more than they're used to with similarly aged babies. Looks like we have a healthy boy on our hands :)

They tried to redo the PKU test since last time they attempted twice (and he clotted quickly) and the result was insufficient. They tried and tried and finally gave up today. Said it was just inhumane. You just can't get blood out of this kid!

He's 22 inches and 10lb 2.5 oz


Tomorrow is Saturday, Tomorrow is Saturday! I get to sleep in during A's mid-late morning nap! And Nik and P get to have fun at Marbles! And they get to eat at Roly Poly and bring home lunch for me! And then? And then and then and then??? DAAAAAAATE! Totally putting P in bed then thawing a bottle for A, putting some of our brand spanking used (bought of CL) BumGenius out for Gambi, and going out for dinner, just the two of us! Yaaaaay! Then home for bed :) Haha!

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