Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Morning Quick Post

Need to get ready for school in 10 minutes, leave in 20, so I don't have much time to post buuuuut....

Paxton had another meltdown. It was this past Sunday, in the morning. His last meltdown was the last time we went to church, and it was awful. The veil came down over his eyes and he struck out physically.

Bet you can guess what caused the meltdown....

He'd just been so great at school and at home, and we didn't know what to do with ourselves on a rainy Sunday morning so we thought "I know, let's try church again!" Paxton didn't react at first to it. Then he did. And it was bad.

The sad thing is even while kicking and spitting he still kept saying that he wanted to go to church, but it was pretty obvious that this was what was upsetting him. It was sad. It took us adamantly saying that we would not be going right now and cuddling him awhile and he calmed down.

Then he was back to the new normal: kind, a bit mischievous, but uses his words and describes his feelings.

That's when he broke my heart. We were in the car and he told me "when I was baby Paxton, I lived in Ethiopian. I was all alone, and I was sad, and I cried and cried and cried and I missed my mommy and my daddy and my Ambrosey. I wanted you to come and cuddle me. Then you did! And I wasn't lonely anymore! Thank you for coming to Ethiopian to cuddle me."

So yeah, I didn't break down crying (on the outside) but even thinking about it now...

So somehow church reminds him of his time in Ethiopia. Interesting. Preschool doesn't seem to at least.

Also interesting to note that he seems to feel that Ambrose has always been a part of our family. In fact he recently brought me a spare Christmas card we had lying around, with our family photo on it, just to point to Brosey and say "he's my favorite because he smiles at me." He utterly adores his baby brother.


The Kids Exchange is this week. I'm preparing to spend too much money...


Have started to use the Neti Pot every morning. Wow, the difference that makes! I can breath through my nose!


Have started to go for a walk every day. A bit of a difference there too. I really enjoy it.


I loooooove Paxton's preschool. It's so awesome, and he loves it there. They use gentle discipline and really make a connection with their kids. I'm very happy to have found them.


Sesame Street is a part of our daily ritual now and I'm totally fine with that, even if it adds up to 2 hours of tv a day.


I'm seriously loving shopping at Trader Joe's, if only for the incredibly friendly service. Also their frozen blueberries are the cheapest around.


Okay, a million more snippets I'd love to add but it's time to change a dipey, get myself put together, put the laundry in, shoes on, and out the door. Yay!

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