Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tired, will ramble

I am so, so, so tired. Not emotionally, thank God, but physically. The baby hit a growth spurt last Monday and for about a week we were up most of the night, and since my insomnia makes it dang near impossible to take a nap or fall asleep within the 1-2hr window of childlessness Nik gives me at night... well, I wasn't sleeping much. Yesterday was much better with Ambrose sleeping well at night, then waking up at 4:45am. At least I was rested enough to get up with him. Then this morning... around 2am I got a bleb. That's a nipple blister. And it sucks. Sucks so much that it makes sucking suck. Ugh. It seriously felt like Ambrose had sprung a row of fangs and was chomping down while eating. And since Ambrose decided to sleep pretty much latched to me last night... yeah, not much sleep. Then I couldn't fall back asleep after Nik took him at 6am :( Insomnia is horrific...


Paxton is learning sooooo much at preschool! Puts my homeschooling attempts to shame, really, probably because they don't have a baby to focus on and he's seeing other kids learn this stuff too. He's figuring out how to share and play nicely, following most of the rules, behaving well, etc. He's also figuring out which letters words start with, singing new songs, starting to write his name (!!!) and recognize it, and just in general learning a ton. I'm... impressed.

He had a rough weekend, and openly admitted that he missed school and wished he was there. Then he had a bit of an overwhelming day at school too, but he was generally happy. Hopefully it will only take a few weeks of this for him to figure out the groove, and be able to adjust to weekends or weekdays. He just loves his consistency!


I'm in love with Trader Joe's. I never got what people saw in it. First trip to the one in Cary did not impress me at all. But last week I decided to try out the new one just down the street from me, and what did I find? Tons of healthy and/or organic food at WalMart prices, with fun music playing, friendly staff, and great variety. I actually ENJOYED shopping! And I stayed within my budget. There are a few things I can't get there, but for the most part I should be able to get our weekly supplies at TJ's.


Alright, it's just about time for school and the baby isn't dressed yet! GTG!!!

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