Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Paxton starts preschool today. We'll be there, getting him settled, in less than an hour. Right now I'm sitting at the computer with a growth spurting baby (nursed to sleep) lying on my lap. And P is watching Sesame Street on TV, which we have now that Nik bought an antena for our house.

I'm... nervous.

Really nervous.

OMG, it's not ME going to school!!! Why am I so nervous?

Granted I'm a little worried about how P will act and what issues might surface, and he's already being really hyper with me today. He knows what's up and he's nervous himself, which is why I'm letting him watch TV (it tends to mellow him). In fact I think this might be our normal morning for awhile, him watching SS and me surfing the net before I drop him off. Hey, if he's going to spend 3 hours being constantly stimulated and learning a billion things every morning I can't be too worried about an hour or so of TV beforehand can I? Especially if it keeps him from getting more and more worked up over the OMG School! concept.

So, here's hoping for a fast and easy transition, for a fun day, for new friends and for lots of learning. Today... is a turning point. Today is important. Today is his first day of school, preschool yes, but still school and he's old enough to remember it.


Dangit, why are my kids growing up so fast?!?!?!?

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