Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aaaand, that makes #1...

This adoption situation didn't work out. Baby is in state foster care, mother has given up on placement and is trying to regain custody of him. On the one hand, I feel for her. I would fight for my kids, too. On the other hand, that poor little guy probably has a tough few months (years?) ahead of him, and it's really easy to just say "well, she should just let him be adopted and he could be in a loving, stable home right now." But again, I'd fight for my kids too. So yeah. Can't judge, can only pray that it all works out for the best.

So that makes situation #1. Like I mentioned before, Ambrose was situation #7, so we're kinda used to this. Even so, any potential adoption situation COULD BE the one, and you do manage to fall in love, if only a little bit, each time. How could you not? That could be your child! We have no idea if it'll be another several situations or if it'll happen next week or if it won't happen at all. So yeah. We'll see :)


In the meantime, Nik and I are finally talking infertility stuff again. Thing is, our original plan when we got married was something like "have a couple of kids by birth in our twenties, then adopt a few in our thirties." Well, we're almost up to that "adopt a few" thing. And we were thinking that if we did give birth it would be through embryo adoption. But now we're revisiting the possibility of just trying straight up fertility treatments, like IUI. I dunno. It would be years from now probably. But we're starting to research, and I think that's a good thing. A few years of planning and preparing our bodies may actually be exactly what we need. Also, it gives us time to see if 3 really is enough for us :)

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