Saturday, July 16, 2011


TMI y'all!

So I didn't have a monthly cycle for like 2.5 years. And during that time I forgot some things. And I was actually looking forward to getting back to it, not just for the conception possibilities but just because I want to be back to normal function again, y'know?

I wasn't too worried about cramps. Or bleeding. Not a biggie. Annoying, but not a biggie.

But I'd forgotten....

THAT'S what had made TTC so hard the first time around. The early pregnancy symptoms that were actually PMS. Uuuuugh!

So let's see, every month around the time I'd be expecting my period I get:
-Sick to my stomach
-Swollen, tender boobs
-Cramps and twitches in my inner lady bits
-Cramps in my belly button
-Cervical mucus
-Food aversions
-Extreme exhaustion
-Lower back pain
-Crazy mood swings

And then sometimes my period likes to be a few days late.


Fun times

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ChaosMandy said...

I feel your pain on the period stuff. We aren't TTC, but I am about to start and feel miserable.

When I was first pregnant with my daughter, I thought I was going to start my period. I kept thinking "any day now, it feels like I'll start". Then I realized that I was 2 weeks late, tested and found out I was pregnant.