Monday, February 23, 2009

I feel like I should blog

Not sure what about...

Pax is being a pain in the patootie lately, but again, that was expected. The only way he'll go down for a nap lately is "in mommy arms!!!" meaning I get to hug him tight until he's fast asleep then transfer him into bed. Talk about regressing! But he'll actually take a nice nap if I do that. Well, he'll take a nap at all if I do that! So it's worth it. And it is really cute :)

Nik has an in-person interview tomorrow. Essentially the place told him that if he wants to work there they'll have him (most likely), but it's not the best of jobs for him so he'll want to consider it. It might come down to the choice of "pick this contract job now and pass up other potential jobs for a long time" or "say no to this job and risk not having something come along for a looooong time." Pros and cons either way, y'know?

As for the adoption, we've settled on the fact that we'll be either adopting this year from NC only (no time off for ICPC) or starting up and adopting next year internationally. Honestly, if Vietnam opens back up I think I might just jump at that opportunity since, for some reason, we still feel like there'll be a child for us over there.

We're starting to honestly think about fixing up our yard. It's a crappy time for it, but I think we'll be getting estimates at tree removal soon. Too many tall pines too close to our house. I'll also be starting up my garden. I doubt we'll have the funds right away to do what I want this year (fence an area in, build several trough things to raise up the garden, buy compost, etc). I think I'll just be flopping down a few plots right into the fertile ground. I'm going to take the area that's already covered in wild strawberries and make a few plots for tomatoes, beans, carrots, eggplant, chives, peppers, and perhaps a blueberry bush or two. Maybe I'll even try to grow cabbage or a dark lettuce. We'll just have to see!

More consignment sales are popping up all the time. I'm getting better at them. Not only do we now have just about everything we need, now I know relative costs, what might be around at the half off sale, what I'll need to snatch up right away, and I'm going in will a game plan. There's one I went to on Saturday and bought some stuff, too many toys (and a Lite Brite!), and there'll be a 50-75% off sale this Saturday. There'll also be a 50% off sale at one in Apex. I'm going to hit both, with Nik and Paxton. Then I think I might have a week off... but yardsale season is right around the corner! I'm putting my list together for what Nik and I need, either for us or the house, so that I know what I can buy. For example, Nik needs better shoes, I'd like a few pretty shirts or dresses, we need a small bookcase or two, I'd love some encyclopedias or homeschool curricula, etc. And hey, maybe someday I'll find my grapefruit spoon! I'd love that! But none of those things are so pressing that I'd actively look or buy new right at the moment. That's why it's so awesome to come across a $2 pair of fitting shoes, or a $5 bookcase that fits in the car, because you know you need it and you know you're getting a hell of a good deal.

And yeah, I'm psyched already for more sales. I got a bow and arrow set! Though Nik mostly plays with that one. and some new clothes, very expensive types for $1 each at most. I love these :)

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