Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So the potty training thing is going... Okay-ish.

He's been in underpants for a little over a week. That doesn't mean he's been clean, mind you, just that he starts off in underpants and we follow the rule of "once you pee in them, that's it for the day and you lose your Diego/Thomas underpants and are put in a baby diaper." Some days he's been fine. Some days not so much.

He peed his pants Sunday night, Monday morning, and twice this morning before 10 am. We were following the rules of "no pressure, just encouragement." Yeah, that wasn't working. Today we finally got to the mall for storytime and right as I was unclicking him from his carseat he casually informed me "lot in diaper" which means "I did a lot of pee in my diaper." Then he peed. I just kind of stared at him. He wasn't upset in the least, just waited for me to change him so we could keep going. I considered it, but...

Well, this is just getting a bit ridiculous. I'd get it if he just wasn't ready yet, like he was a year ago.

I'd get it if he couldn't tell when he had to go.

I'd even get it if he was sick, ate anything different, and hadn't peed literally 30 minutes beforehand.

None of those applied. He just... felt like going and went and waited for me to clean him.

I'm sorry, boy, but there's only so much babying I'm willing to give a child who speaks in full sentences and who gets up himself at night to go potty.

So instead I clicked him back in and drove home. I called my mom and cancelled lunch. I took his underpants out of his drawer and told him they were mine now. I even showered him off. I took the carseat in and took it apart to clean it. Yeah, I think he got it.

I wasn't trying to be mean, mind you, but he doesn't seem to understand that it's actually a problem when he pees himself and as much as I'm all for "gentle parenting" in many areas, if it's not benefiting the kid then something different must be done.

Paxton wasn't exactly heartbroken, but it did make an impact. Especially that Gambi was sad we weren't going to lunch with her (the carseat needed to be cleaned and dried first).

Oddly enough he peed just fine for me afterwards, holding it without issue.

I feel bad, though. I mean, I myself wasn't pottytrained till age 4 or so, and neither were most boys I know. But I get the feeling it's not a lack of readiness but a laziness and a control issue. He's making us be inconvenienced while he still gets to do the same thing, and he's a smart enough kid that I know he gets it. That and that little gleam in his eye...

We're seeing my mom tonight anyway. It's the Mardi Gras pancake dinner at our church and we're all going, so he'll still get to have fun and see Gambi. And we did still have a pleasant morning. I pulled out my old Sunday School for preschoolers bag, still chock full of supplies and lessons, and put together an impromptu lesson. Three stories where he had to sit and pay attention, three activities one after each story. I tried to get him to exercise a bit too since we were inside but, um, that didn't work. Little butt somehow got me to exercise but barely moved a muscle himself.

So, all in all not bad. No trauma, might have regained control of that issue, maybe made him think a bit, and the lesson went great and he actually learned from it. Oh, and he's asleep now which is always great.

I'm still bummed, though. If we'd had lunch with my mom we were going to meet at the Indian buffet. Channa Masala! Saag Paneer! Mushroom Curry! Endless Samosas and Naan with Raita! And Gulab Jaamun in a bowl of Rice Kheer! Waaaaaaah!!!

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