Monday, February 2, 2009

*sniff sniff*


Only a few minutes ago I took my little boy potty before bringing him to his room for a nap. We've had a great, great day so far, with lots of happiness and love and manners and no tantrums. After a nice lunch he very kindly listened to me and went to the bathroom himself. He peed "like daddy does", so proud of himself with the biggest grin all over. Then he moved his step stool over after pulling his pants back up and washed his hands, dried them, brushed his teeth, got a cup of water and drank it, and then turned off the light and headed to his bedroom where he grabbed two books and curled up in bed with them, not even the slightest hint of a fuss.

So this begs the question...

Where is my real son and what did you do to him?

J/k, this is actually what I consider Paxton's "normal" temperament. If he's not tired, hungry, too hot/cold, or really upset over something, this is typically how he acts. Which is probably why it frustrates me to no end when we go through weeklong growth spurts where he's a total pain in the butt (that always happen during my period... hmmmmm...).


The baby room is nearing completion. We have several items on the way here in the mail, and a few I still need to pick up. Hopefully within the week we'll have our diaper and wipes shipments in, maybe have the wetbags in another week after that since I haven't ordered them yet. Since our prefolds will be new I'll be throwing them in the wash every time I'm washing something, so every other day with my normal wash and then every 3-4 days with Paxton's diapers. They'll need about 8-10 wash/dry cycles before they're really ready to use and I'd rather not waste water if I can help it.

There's another consignment sale, this time in Cary, coming up on Saturday. I need a diaper changing pad and pad covers. I should've bought the pad and 3 cover set I saw on Craigslist for $12 but eh, live and learn. I now have a nice changer/dresser for $30 and the wall organiser actually put on the wall (we borrowed mom's stud finder!). The glider is nestled in between the wall and the crib, will probably be moved out into the living room though. The crib still has too many toys in it, and I took the bassinet down and put it in its travel case, just to be ready in one area.

I'm getting excited. I've seen a lot of proof that we made the right choice with referral services, even if they end up taking a bit longer and even if we have to travel a long way. They're highly ranked, many other agencies I respect like them, and I keep hearing good things. Also they're big on AA adoptions, and from what I can tell on their forums everyone wants a girl just about. So maybe our little Baby A (boy's name) isn't all that far off...

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