Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well, curses

So I was just writing up a post and guess-who decided to crawl on over and turn off my computer while I was engrossed in word choice to convey feelings and stuff.


Proto-Toddler is certainly a handful!

The subject of the erased post was knitting. As in, I'm starting to try that. Just following some of the basics right now, making rows, trying to use up a skein on a scarf/rag/kitchen towel.

My goals? Learn the cast on/rows/bind off pretty well, make it relatively mechanical while finding out my proper needle size. Then? Purling. Then using the wire-and-needles thingie that makes socks and hats. Then perhaps crochet. I would love to perfect this as a skill. Cuz why not? It is, objectively, perfect for me as a hobby. Something I can get down and potentially do without thinking too much about it, something that actually creates something we can use or wear or give as a gift, something I can do in a group or by myself. Perfect. So currently putting aside any negative feelings I had floating around and I'm going to focus my learning/studying/concentrating energy on this.

Not much time to blog this morning, not about this or anything else. Need to hurry if I'd like a shower at all (life with small kids, it's been like 2-3 days and I just couldn't find a convenient time to shower, luckily it's cold so no sweating). So within the next hour I have: showering (likely with the proto-toddler underfoot and quite possibly naked), getting dressed (after proto-toddler is diapered of course), convince older child to stop watching Caillou on Netflix (hopefully without threats this morning), make both our lunches, do our stretches together, have him work in either his writing or reading workbooks until he's all giddy and happy about school, then plop them both in the car and get to school on time. Again, I'd like that last part to be without threats today. I'm trying to make a conscious choice to never again say "do you want to stay home and not go to school?" Cuz that? Totally backfired. His answer was yes. Um, not what I was expecting, and totally the wrong thing for me to say anyway.

Oh, and in the realm of "P says unexpected things" we have : *long two sided conversation about something inconsequential like food or cars or something* P: also, I'm not dying! Us: Hwah? P: Because I'm not standing in lava!

Ah, the joy of my boys :)

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