Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The trees are gone! We now have like 5 big trees left on our lot. We took down 14, a large poplar and the rest tall pines. It cost almost $4K but it raised the property value and made the house much, much safer. Shortly after moving to NC there was a hurricane and I saw two houses in one cul-de-sac crushed under tall pines. They're like the bane of NC, just smashing houses galore during the 5 month hurricane season. We even had at least one stump in the back that was from a fallen pine.

So now our yard is half mud, and covered in gigantic tire tracks, but it was soooooo worth it! It actually looks more like a yard now too. I can't wait to get it smoothed out and plant grass. Hopefully by next summer we'll have a full, grassy lawn, some new little trees growing, the garden spruced up, maybe even a new shed... Hmm, suppose that should come first!

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