Friday, February 26, 2010

Aaaaah, that's better!

So in the past hour and a half I:

-Wrote an angsty blog post.
-Check my email, FB and local mom-to-mom forum several times.
-Checked Perez Hilton even more times.
-Lay my head on my arms while the baby shrieked and tried not to shriek myself.
-Almost fell asleep doing so but realized I'd probably sleep through preschool pick up, and with the phone upstairs I wouldn't hear his teachers calling, and also I'm the only one with a carseat so my mom would have to drive over here and physically wake me up in order to make me go get my son, and then I'd have to rush over, apologize profusely, and then I'd get charged a late fee for being so late and that would suck, so I kept myself awake OMG.
-Had another cup of coffee. Obviously ^
-Updated FB.
-Refilled the bird feeder.
-Took some trash and recycling out, which is good since it's pick up day.
-Took the compost out and grumbled the whole time about it. Wasn't this Nik's job? Why have I done it 3 weeks in a row?
-Cleaned two toilets.
-Prepared P's sandwich and pills, and actually remembered to take my own pills ON TIME!
-And probably some other stuff too. Dunno. It's all hazy, like my vision and head and stuff.

And I've been nursing the baby for like half an hour now. He kept walking up to scream for 5 minutes then going back to sleep. He was all covered in tears when I picked him up :( He's been sleeping like an angel at the breast for 30 minutes and I'll let him sleep until 5 minutes before I have to leave, when I'll change his dipe, plop him in the car, then attempt to not worry too much about him shrieking his head off all the way to Paxton's preschool as he repeatedly drops his favorite toy on the floor again and again, until he drops it on the side next to the door and I can't reach it and then it's aaaaaalll hell, OMG.

Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee... need more coffee!!!! Haha!

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