Saturday, February 20, 2010

"No, don't take a picture mommy!"

"Heeheehee! Now... don't take another one! Or another! Or another!"

Silly boy!

Some of the fun things we've heard come out of li'l P's mouth recently:

When he eats he gets bigger, and one day he'll be so big that he'll be tall, tall up to the sky like a tree, and then he'll be sad because trees are so tall they can't see very well, and so they can't walk anywhere, so he'll just have to stand there and be tall and sad.

When he pees on a tree at the park (the restrooms are locked for the winter and I can only ask so much of a 4 year old) his pee is helping the tree get bigger and taller up to the sky. This tree is, oddly enough, not sad.

He wants to make bubbles, or rather one gigantic bubble, that will go up to the sky and make it rain.

He wants to be a girl when he grows up, so he can have earrings and a chin (as opposed to a beard or mus-tat-ches).

He tells "jokes" now, saying things like "Miss Lisa (his teacher) is not at school! She's at our house playing with our toys!" When I respond with "oh, really? Well that sounds like fun!" he laughs and replies "silly mommy, it was a joke!"

He's greeted me at the top of the stairs before early in the morning with a big hug. I was downstairs rocking the baby and he was up already. "I took off my yucky diaper and put on pants and underpants. Aren't you proud of me?" has to be my favorite. And I was proud.

"I can't do it" is, however, my least favorite and has been around far too long in my opinion. Ugh. "Time to get dressed" is responded to with "no, I can't do it!" Same with "time to make your bed, time to clean up, time to take your clothes off and get in the tub" etc....

Oh, and tonight we went out for dinner. Nik's D&D night. It was a horrible mistake as Paxton was thrown off schedule by the weekend and missed his nap, so he was overtired and just plain awful tonight and I was overstressed with him and an off schedule baby. But even so there were some cute moments. Especially his new fascination with pepper. He covered his ice cream in it. Oh, the look on that boy's face when he finally took a bite... priceless!

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