Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And thus, Summer is over...

Yesterday was our last "Summer Trio" day. We spent the morning at the science museum in Durham, where I splurged on train tickets and a huge lunch at Elmo's Diner, things I've been thinking of doing all summer. After nap I decided to skip the gym. I really need to go more, but I just couldn't bring myself to drop my children off at that moment. So we went to Chuck-E-Cheese instead :) A quick, simple dinner was followed by a long, deep bubble bath and two happy brothers who went to bed a little late. And with this... our normal summer was over.


This morning I packed Ambrose a lunch, dressed him up nicely, and took my boys to the preschool for A's first full morning. He was soooo, excited, running as fast as he could toward the door with Paxton right beside him. I snapped a quick photo of them outside the room, on some benches. The were both just so happy...

And then I dropped off my "baby" and said good bye, knowing I wouldn't see him again for 4 more hours. And yes, it was both a bit hard for me and yet also such a relief to know that he was in such great hands and that I could focus just on Paxton this morning.


Paxton wanted to see his old class and teacher, so we headed up to say hello.

"Look, mom!" he said excitedly, pointing to the playground. "It's all still there! Just the way it always was!"

He looked for the tricycles and was beaming when he found them in their correct place, waiting for tiny bodies to ride them later on.

He hugged his teacher and said hello to his younger friends, still in preschool.

Then he bragged about how big he is, how he's in Kindergarten, and how he can do so many cool things now.

He wasn't sad to leave them anymore. He truly understood that they were still there when he needed to see them, that they didn't abandon him, that they didn't disappear. Life is continuing and he is not forgotten.

And once he truly understood this... he was ready to move on. With confidence and happiness, his anxiety and sorrow washed away with the reassurance that he is still loved and this world he lives in is truly a stable place.


I took Paxton to Marbles. He and I both messed up a couple of times and started to talk to Ambrose, then laughed at ourselves because of it. We bought tickets for an IMAX show, Born to be Wild 3D, and played for a few minutes before heading over. My goal this morning was to do something with P that we couldn't normally do with Ambrose, and a 3D movie sounded perfect! P wasn't convinced but a quick trip to the concessions stand helped him change his mind :) We both LOVED the movie and I hope to see it again sometime, maybe even soon. HIGHLY recommended, made me tear up and it was just beautiful.

Afterwards we played a bit more at the kid's museum, just like we used to, just the two of us.

And then...

He stepped into this thing, this weird jutting-out-cage thing, and...

We had started going there when P was barely over 2 years old, less than 30 lbs, and only about 32 inches tall. He had looked so short in there, a tiny person in a large space, and that's how I've always thought of him.

Today his head was scraping the top. He's outgrowing this...


We got some lunch at Moe's afterwards. He didn't want a children's meal. He didn't want the drink or cookie that came with it because he "doesn't like sugar anymore" and wants "real food." So he ordered a taco salad, and ate all the salad but left most of the edible bowl. I had a few incredulous people ask me if what they saw was really happening. Yes, yes that's my big boy.


We picked up Ambrose, which seemed easy at first. He didn't run to me but was happy to see me. They commented on how verbal and intelligent he is, and how polite. Obviously I was quite pleased :) Then we left. I picked Ambrose up to put him in the car. It took me five minutes to detach that child from myself! He wasn't upset, not in the least! Just hugging and kissing and cuddling and smiling, going "mommy! Mommy!" I felt bad finally forcing him into the carseat but I gave him a few extra hugs and kisses, and soon we were on our way.


Nap went off without a hitch. My boys were so good, so very good...

When they were asleep I went to check on the chickens. Talk about growing up... there were two eggs in their nesting box!

Then I came inside for a shower. I ran my fingers through my hair and came away with a couple loose strands. Not abnormal in the least, no, except that both of these strands... were white. Totally white. For a minute I thought, "Oh good, I'm losing the white ones!" Then I came to the realization that I probably just have so many white hairs by now on my head that the odds are increasing when it comes to getting two white hairs in one pass. *Sigh*


When the boys were up, and Nik home early, we all got ready and walked to the school. P was nervous but he calmed down when we got there. The principal greeted us warmly, again, and walked P over to the board to find his new teacher. Then he showed us how to get to Mr. C's room. We thanked him and walked down to the room, where we got to know the space and filled out lots of paperwork. As I was filling out a volunteer form (for the second time... silly back button on the side of the mouse!), it struck me that this is real, this is really happening. I have a child in the public school system. Wow....


We went home and I made dinner. Our Produce Box is delivered on Wednesdays so I had some fresh Kale and Butternut Squash to cook up, as well as some Mexican rice with black beans, and a side of fresh cinnamon chip bread. Dinner was a hit :) Afterwards we went outside to eat a watermelon together and watch the silly chickies run around the yard (usually with Ambrose chasing them). On the way down the stairs I tried to hold P's hand.

"You don't need to hold my hand, mom. I'm in Kindergarten now."


Outside we ate and watched and ate and watched. We noticed one of the chickens was missing and found her in the nesting box. Laying an egg. Right before we went inside we checked on her and sure enough there was a fresh little brown egg!


The kids are in bed now. P's probably asleep, and A's close behind. Today was... long. And wonderful. And sad. A day of growth.

A day where my baby started preschool.

A day where my big boy met his teacher and really moved on to that new level emotionally.

A day where our little flock began producing eggs, two months ahead of schedule.

A day where I found more white hairs.

A day where I watched an incredible movie about people caring for young and watching them grow into independence....

Today was wonderful.

What a fitting end to an incredible Summer!

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Sarah said...

What a beautiful day! The boys look so darling.