Monday, August 15, 2011

One more full week...

... of normal life.

This Saturday we have P's new school's open house. We'll walk over as a family and "discover" the school together.

Next Thursday he has his first day of Kindy, a shortened day (8:30-2) where he'll be tested on basic things like colors, reading, parts of a book maybe, etc.

The following Monday we have A's first day of preschool, another shortened day (9-11 I think) where I'll drop P off at my mother's work which is nearby and be with A while he gets his bearings.

Wednesday the 31st is a big day. A will have his first full morning of school, 9-1. We'll also find out which class P will be in and from 4-5:30 we'll get to go see his new Kindy classroom and meet his new teacher.

Thursday the 1st P starts school for real.

And the following Monday we all start up our new schedule: P out of the house from about 7-3 every day, A in preschool 9-1 Monday and Wednesday, and me with some actual freetime on my hands.

Morning story times at the library or bookstore will be just for A for a long time. I'll hardly see P in the afternoons. Dinner and bedtime will be rushed, and nap schedules totally altered.

And we'll survive and adapt and it'll be just fine and all good.

And we really do have a lot of time between now and the week when the new schedule goes into full swing, plenty of days to wander a kid's museum or play in the park or even visit the splashground like I've been planning all summer.

So now... I guess I'll just have to get over my "post-vacation" funk and get on with it, with having fun and just enjoying my sweet little boys as they are right now in the life that we have right now.

Because the next time we get a whole summer off? They'll be six and a half and two and a half and they'll be wild and fun and probably playing with each other even more and enjoying each other even more. But they won't be the same. We won't get this time back.

On that note... I really need to go wake those crazy boys up so mama can make it to her yoga class! I haven't worked out in almost 2 weeks!!!

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