Friday, August 19, 2011

I am so weird.

Am I a normal mom? I mean, I *think* I'm a normal mom... but I also think I'm sane and rational, and I hear that is up for debate in some circles (*cough cough, husband, cough*).

I mean, there is no very explicit definition of normal, right? Not all moms babywear or rearface or make baby food, not all moms use carseats at all, not all moms live in this country or society. So how can you say a "normal mom" would use a Snuggli or a "normal mom" wouldn't let her kids stay up late on a school night? What about children with medical issues who couldn't possibly use any baby carrier? What about people who live in a place where schooling is unavailable? How could you say a "normal mom" would only feed a certain type of food that might only be available in certain parts of the world? How can we say that "normal" must meet our culture, our beliefs, our values?

No, I think a "normal mom" is simply this: Someone who loves and cares for her children, often in a way befitting of her culture and usually in a way befitting of her child.

Some moms use CIO, some moms co-sleep until they're 7. Some moms send children to preschool as infants, some teach their children basket weaving and working in the fields. Some sing lullabies, some rock them to sleep, some put on sound machines, some have nannies or other caregivers. Some moms are related to their children by blood, and some moms aren't.

And some moms realize when their kid needs a good ole silly laugh. When his face is scrunched up and his arms are crossed and he's refusing to do a simple, easy project. Sometimes a mom realizes that the project isn't all that important, in fact it's quite inconsequential, and that having fun and enjoying your time together is more important.

Even if it garners you some seriously bizarre looks when your child goes around showing off the project and still talks about it to strangers days later...

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