Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oooooh, the jealousy.

P was very happy being an only child. He's in love with his little brother. And now we have a conundrum.

It's kinda cyclical all day, him acting out like mad to get attention and babytalking (think Max of Max & Ruby) one minute, then happily listening and helping out the next. This week there's going to be a lot of one on one time with P, both from me and from N (who I've now been married to for 4 years... happy anniversary!). I'm doing little things when I can, and N is taking him out places or running all over the backyard.

Let's just see how next week goes, shall we?

A is just a doll. I took him to a Nursing Mother of Raleigh meeting today. Wanted to make sure his latch was alright and it looks like it is. It's hard not to know anymore exactly how much I'm producing, but I'm certainly responding to him (and his sounds and his smells...) and as far as I can tell I must be making at least pretty close to enough because output looks great (well, icky) and he's pretty contented.

We did a bit of tummy time last night, then again for spurts today. When he's awake. Which isn't often :) He's a sleeper!

P isn't sleeping as well, obviously, and that's annoying.

I don't think N is sleeping as well either.

I'm getting less sleep but it's quality so I'm okay. We didn't plan to co-sleep but it looks like that's what I may be doing from now on, at least for awhile. Both he and I sleep better/happier that way. And it's just getting so cold out! Maybe if it were the start of summer I'd be pushing him more to sleep in his bassinet but as is, when it can get to the 40's at night now, I feel better knowing he's cuddled up warmly beside me.

K, prolly shouldn't spend too much time away from P and N! A isn't an excuse to ignore my pre-existing family :)

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