Monday, December 29, 2008

I have no idea what it is exactly...

But there's just nothing like cooking a good, nutritious meal from scratch, getting everything right, serving it to myself, my husband and my son, having everyone just scoff it down happily, and leaving the kitchen and table clean.

I really never saw myself as the domestic type growing up. I just about burned the house down trying to make a PB&J when I was 13 (note: there's sometimes metal on PB containers so microwaving can be scary) and I could've lived off of ramen and pancake mix in college, and Velveeta shells and cheese in highschool. And Pepsi One. That's good stuff right there.

So how do I find myself more than thrilled to make homemade no salt/sugar wheat flour cinnamon raisin pretzels? And tonight, why was I so happy to make a successful curried and cuminned brown rice and lentil dish, served with boiled cabbage on the side and a dessert of PB & banana cookies (no oil, mostly vegan, low sugar)? And why does it all come so easily to me?

Yeah I still need to figure out my spices and branch out a bit to include newer foods. I also need to plan a bit better so I don't have to substitute quite as much. I've been better about picking up random ingredients when I see them, though, so often I'll find a recipe I like and I might not actually be lacking anything. Especially with vegan recipes, oddly enough.

I'm planning on trying out a lentil and sour cream muffin recipe soon. And maybe I'll try that chocolate cheesecake made with a tofu base. Mmmm... My goal isn't necessarily NO fat or carbs or anything like that. I want to eat better, not less. And I want the food to be deliiiiicious.

Oddly enough... the boiled cabbage alone was awesome. I've been hearing so much of the benefits of cabbage and I hadn't actually thought there were any. I mean, it's just empty like lettuce, right? Then I start hearing it's a probiotic (duh) and might help metabolism, and oh yeah there's an article on how the obesity rise in Korea is likely directly linked to a decline in eating Kim Chee (fermented cabbage) and then... we had some at Christmas dinner and it was awwwwesome. Cheap, easy to make, good for you and a very yummy side dish. Why the heck haven't I made this everynight already? I think it'll become a common side dish in our home from now on.

Now... to continue lurking on the Chinese adoption sites, at least until I'm needed. Nik has Pax now and will be doing potty/bath soon, but after that they'll need me for the bedtime preps and cuddles and such. I'm savoring any alone time I can get right now! When BB comes home (hopefully soon) I think I'll have a li'l 'un constantly attached to my chest, at least for awhile.

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