Thursday, December 18, 2008

In An Attempt to Keep Posting Here....

Some things I find cute about Paxton:

-His new phrases. He's putting so much together himself now, and he's getting a nice "sure of himself" attitude to go along with it. For example, I'll say we need do go out and he'll respond with "no, stay here!" I put my hand up to catch his drink if it fell off the table (which was likely) and he grabbed it, said "no!" then pointed to my glass and said "mommy's drink!" nodded and went back to eating. Just now I peeled a Clementine for him and he clapped for me. He was very happy about his "lemons."

-His interactions with people. He's becoming so cuddly with adults and other kids, following bigger kids, playing nice with littler kids, talking to kids his own size. He has a girlfriend at the kids museum. His face lights up when she comes in the room. She like my age. She's pretty, he has good taste. He dresses her, makes her drink "tea," and makes her play with him whenever he sees her.

-I love how happy he is about the silliest things. While it can annoy me when he's constantly getting upset, when he's constantly getting happy (enough to just clap for no reason) I'm sooo thrilled! I love this kid.

Okay so no news yet on the inspection at our old place or any list of repairs. Honestly, until we close I'm not going to celebrate. I'm just going to cross my fingers and pray and hope and just.... well, yeah those things. Same with Nik's new job offer, one that looks good but we lack some specifics. There are only 7 people in this company, no HR, so they're taking awhile to get back to him. Hopefully today or tomorrow we'll know...

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