Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting Ready Fast!

Gotta love how I talk like my 3 year old, neh? His language has developed so quickly and drastically that it's left us breathless, and now that he's speaking more or less normally, we're the ones that sound silly! I especially keep picking up weird Paxtonisms and am constantly catching myself saying something he'd say. Like how I told my friend I wanted to eat an eggplant when I was holding a grapefruit. Pax gets them mixed up, and apparently now so do I. As of last night it's an eggfruit. We both call it that. Whatever, people can figure out what I mean.

Anyway, the Kid's Exchange is in Raleigh this weekend. Huge consignment sale. I've never been to one before and went in for a "peek." Yeah, I needed to buy a stroller to carry out all my loot! $150 for everything! I thought I'd hit at least $300 but not, it's so cheap! We're now set on things like socks and bibs and diaper covers and nursing pads. I bought a couple necessary books for $5 (not each) and a brand new pumping kit for $10. We're doing a froggy theme this time and there were so many froggy items! I have a froggy baby tub and froggy hooded towels and even a cute froggy pillow and blankie set. I also have two slings, including a gooooorgeous Maya wrap, the right size for me, with the instruction tape included! The stroller itself was only $10 and handled great, I didn't even feel the weight of the 4 bags and several bigger items (including boppy and bouncy chair). I did realize when I got home that I shouldn't have bought a few things, like the onesies that are too big for a baby and too small for Paxton, or the pads that I have no idea where they go. But eh, that makes up like $5 of regret and now that I've seen their prices I can tell you I have about $100 of regret from baby shopping a few days ago. I mean, seriously, all that stuff would've been in the same condition and cost $10 today! It's nuts!

I think I'll go back Sunday for their half off sale. Still trying to find a changing table/dresser. Found one on Craigslist last night but looks like it was snatched right up.

I'm happy to say my first round of Dreft laundry is well underway and soon I can put in the slings that need very careful washing. I'm so excited! Still not "ready right this second" ready but a million times closer.

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