Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, I suppose I ought to get out of the house...

But I don't wanna! It's rainy and a little chilly and I'm so warm in my jammies and flannel robe. But I need to get dressed, and Paxton needs to get dressed, and I need to pick up a bit and we need to GO somewhere before his sunny personality fades and he realizes we're just sitting at home all day. I was planning on going to the kid's museum again but... it's rainy!!! Maybe the mall then? Maybe the kid's museum in the afternoon again, where we get 2 hours of calm and quiet play? It still takes gas to get downtown so I'd prefer to be there longer, but that actually works out quite well.

Ah well. Another lazy day. I'm always kinda tired/hungry/lethargic/whiney when it's very rainy and wet. It's been rainy for weeks, will be rainy all week again, and while that's good what with us living in droughtland I can't help but wish that we had a nice sunny day sometime soon. Maybe where it's warm. Can't we mix it up a bit? What happened to our hot NC Januarys? The January before Nik and I started dating I remember I was in shorts and a tanktop everyday, taking at least a shower a day because it was so. dang. hot! And now? It's cold. Like, "have to wear socks" cold. And while I love my new Christmas present socks, I'm a flip flops girl and the fact that I have had to wear socks for months and months now is getting a little on my nerves. At least I don't have any blisters from closed in shoes (only 2 pairs now, the only ones that don't hurt my feet).

Okay, sooo... Megan, activate! Okay, okay, I think that did it. I'll go make the bed and get dressed then cloth my boy. And then? Head to the mall. Where I'll sit down and play with the internet on my iPhone. Ah, yes, sounds like a plan!

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